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Zoom Page

Not the same Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

Nice idea but not perfect realization. It is very different from native Firefox zooming. Why they simple can't add custom zoom as SeaMonkey have it? Can you addapt your add-on to be the same zooming as native Firefox zooming?

> Replay:It is the same DW-dev (Developer) on May 16, 2013Zoom Page will work the same as native Firefox zooming, depending on the "Automatic Mode" selected:

Sorry, I was probably wrong: my firefox without your extension, doesn't resizing images at all! I am using SeaMonkey which do it and do have custom zoom. Sorry again. Probably perfect extension thou.

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Why I am using FireFTP Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

1. FileZila support synchonized browsing (you open your local DIR - remote one is automaticaly opened without any your additional action). / ! I was wrong: there are synch browsing. ! /
2. FileZila have option "Overwrite if source file is newer" and that is great. Couldn't find the same in FireFTP.
3. But... why I like FireFTP: the only FTP client that I could find so far, that support cyrillic (probably all unicode charatcetrs too) on the Lynux remote server! Now you can work with the same normal names (DIR or FILE) instead of names -> abracadabra.Thanks to developer.

<deleted>Maybe first 2 issues could be added?</deleted>
Maybe the second issue could be added?

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