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ScribeFire Classic

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Installed Scribefire on 2/2013 using Firefox 18.0.2 on a Windows XP system. When I try to use the arrow keys on my keyboard to move the cursor within a WordPress post in Scribefire, the cursor vanishes and won't come back until I use the mouse to place it. Not very useful. No response from authors.

Read Later Fast

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Says it saves pages, but it it doesn't. Mozilla should remove this software from its database. 11/15/12

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Thunderbird Conversations

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Does enough nice things and makes some nice cosmetic changes that I'd like to use it, but when I installed on TB 8.0 it basically killed a number of functions.
-The forward and back buttons on the Email toolbar were disabled.

-TB ignored an option setting so that it always closed the email tab when I deleted a message rather than go to the next message.

-If you select to "send and archive" it doesn't save a copy of the email in the originating folder even though that option is set in the accounts settings.

-When I attempted to disable the add-on and switch to the default appearance it didn't. I had to start TB in the special mode for disabling all add-ons to get back to the default appearance, then enabled one add-on at a time until I figured out that it was this one that caused the problems.

Esta valoración es de una versión anterior del complemento (2.1.1). 

Duplicate Contact Manager

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After I copied an email address from the "to be deleted" to the "to be saved" contact and attempted to continue, I was given several long exception error messages (one after the other). Then the program went on but gave the same exceptions when I attempted to process another duplicate even though I made no changes.

In addition, the notes field is not displayed, so I the difference between two duplicates may be in the notes field.

I'm using Thunderbird with these extensions: MoreFunctionsForAddressBook, Incoming Threads, Folder Account, Talkback, Signature Switch and PrintingTools.

Esta valoración es de una versión anterior del complemento (0.6).