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New Tab Homepage

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Works like a charm :)

I was so tired of trying to get rid of the new tab update, and i found this that opens the homepage without any hassle at all...

Great addon, and i hope you update it in case it stops working on Firefox's next update !!!

Thx again

Esta valoración es de una versión anterior del complemento (0.5.0). 

Share Button for Facebook™

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I give this tool a 4 star right now, but i would give it a 5 star if we could get an option to choose screenshot for ourselves...
The program should be able to recognize all the screenshots on the webpage and add a select button or something so we could choose the screenshot we want to publish.
Right now we are stuck with no option other than to accept the screenshot the tool is selecting and that is not always working as wanted.
Good tool, but add a screenshot selector and the tool will be excellent !

Esta valoración es de una versión anterior del complemento (34.1.1-signed). 

Video DownloadHelper

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Version 4.9.12 slows down the whole computer when trying to watch a video using silverlight.
When the video is running on the webpage the computer slows down and i have to restart firefox.
When i uninstall or disable this addon the webpage works just fine.
Previous version of download helper worked just fine on silverlight video pages.
I'm using firefox 17 and windows 7 home premium.

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