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Not usable anymore, since all tags are being merged into a single one Puntuado con 1 de 5 estrellas

I cannot understand why the developers didn't fix the obvious problem concerning spaces vs. commas as tag-separators which should be fixable very quickly. The problem has been described many times in former reviews: When creating a bookmark, you now need to use commas instead of spaces to create multiple tags. This could be tolerable, although it would be nice if the add-on would tell you about this, because otherwise you have created one huge tag instead of multiple ones. However, when editing a bookmark after a while it gets even worse, because the add-on removes all commas from the user interface. Now you would have to manually retype all this commas which is clearly not tolerable anymore. My only explanation for this is that either delicious or at least the developers of this add-on have no interest at all in their users anymore. I am about to switching to another bookmarking service because of this.