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Video DownloadHelper

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This little utility has been incredibly useful. It works beautifully on YouTube, for one, but not on certain other sites like Univision news. I still wouldn't be without this add-on. I chose it because, unlike certain other more complicated ones, this one just works out of the box.

It has different quality options appear when you click the drop-down arrow next to the eye-catching icon that looks lik ea bunch of red/yellow/blue balloons next to your address bar. Then tell it where to save. Or you can pick Quick Download to have it download at a pre-set quality and location.

If your video doesn't download, try looking for it on YT. A lot of video content is disappearing off the internet these days, under supposed copyright infringement reasons (but under questionable political conditions at times). If you suspect a video may be targeted as "controversial", you might want to grab it with this before that even becomes a possiblity.

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