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Great Add-on; no longer updated Puntuado con 4 de 5 estrellas

This is yet another of the many add-ons to be rendered obsolete by Mozilla's insane release schedule. It is also one of the many that I need enough to keep me using Firefox 3.6 for as long as possible.

Tabbed browsing is great, but I often open way too many tabs, and I need a convenient way to temporarily store some URLs without bookmarking them or keeping the tabs open. This fits the bill.

While it would be nice if it had more features (e.g. displaying the tab title instead of URL, and perhaps an export option like CopyAllURLs), it nevertheless does the job needed.

It'd be great to see an update--but it'd be even better if Mozilla gave up this insane release schedule so we can actually use add-ons without constant update issues.


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Forecastbar Enhanced provides a much larger radar image. It provides up to 8 days of extended forecast, while this extension provides only 4 days. It also allows the user to specify the exact toolbar and position (via a drop-down menu and a position number), which allows better management of toolbar space.

Though I like TWC and appreciate the effort, the lack of any upgrades over the past couple years has forced me to relegate this information to my infrequently viewed Bookmarks Toolbar (mostly because it will not allow me to pick a custom toolbar).

I hope TWC considers implementing the features listed above.