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Omnivalidator Necesita reiniciarse

Validate content (typically web pages) using any number of configurable validation services, such as the W3C Markup Validator and, and view the validation results in a Firebug-like panel in the browser.

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Send Tab to Device

Shows a lot of promise Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

The addon works well and shows a lot of promise, but the current experience is pretty rough (for someone not familiar with Sync). A few notes for new users:

* The addon does not require tab synchronization to be enabled in the Sync preferences on either device.
* If Sync is not configured on the recipient device when the addon is installed, you must sync (or restart Firefox) the sender device after syncing the recipient to avoid the highly-ambiguous "You need to configure Firefox Sync." error.
* Sending links can take a while if left alone. However, running Sync on the recipient (via Menu->Settings->Sync->Sync now) makes them appear immediately.

Interestingly, the link appears as an Android notification on the recipient device. Activating it will open the link in the default browser, which may or may not be Firefox.

Other than the above, it works great! Looking forward to continued improvement and integration!