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I've downloaded this and used it in FF 3.6. Works perfectly. I have no experience with it on iPhone etc. so I have no idea if it presents problems as outlined in some previous reviews.

If you want a simple, one click, quick temporary bookmarking add-on which also allows you to read off -line this works well, as the over 2 million downloads to date would seem to suggest. If you just want the basic functionality you don't need to register and the cost is zero.

In the end it will only take you moments to install it and try it out so I suggest you ignore the reviews, including this one, and just make up your own mind!

For the record, I mostly use Instapaper and Yojimbo as well as my main bookmarking tool, Diigo.

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ScribeFire Classic

Image insertion Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

I've used Scribefire for years and posted thousands of times using it. I have tried all the others for Mac and always stick with SF but I now have a problem. No drag and drop for images? At least it doesn't work on my versions.

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ScribeFire Classic

Great tool (with limitations) Puntuado con 4 de 5 estrellas

I've used this to publish well over 2500 posts to my website. I find it indispensible however I would make a few points. (NB: I'm using this with Mac 10.5.1) I prefer the old version in terms of use and looks so I've stuck with V1.4 and I'm perfectly happy with it. Scribefire doesn't upload images but that's fine with me because I use a CMS that doesnt allow it anyway so I FTP images to my server and link. Using ImageWell it takes seconds and I can manipulate the images at the same time. There is still a bug which posts html versions with missing paragraph tags. This can be overcome by remembering to switch to WYSIWYG mode prior to publishing.

I would like to have more than 10 entries in the history. I can't see any way of increasing this number. I sometimes need to edit or add an update on an old post and as a frequent poster that may be a post from yesterday which is 12 or 15 posts away.

The huge benefit of this extension is that it sits in the browser and doesn't throw up loads of windows like Mars or Ecto. It s the ONLY add-on I couldn't manage without. PS: The "Powered by ScribeFire" message can be turned of in 'Settings'.
And to the previous reviewer I can only say, as someone who uses this multiple times every day, you must be doing something wrong :)

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