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Emoji Menu

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This add-on DOES use Unicode characters. Like it should be. So it is better than the other one, which inserted images, and created a huge privacy leak.
BUT: It still inserts HTML, to display the images for users who have the add-on installed. Which makes no sense, since it is a waste of data for users who don’t have it installed, which is almost everyone.
Example: <span class="emojione e1-1F98A"><span>


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This add-on does NOT insert emoji!
It inserts tracking images, disguised as emoji!
So every e-mail you insert them in, is going to be tracked!
The maker of the add-on knows exactly who your correspond with, and even your emotions WRT those people!

It could have been done much safer, by using actual Unicode characters, aka *actual* emoji.
Or at least, by using data: URLs to embed the images, and maybe the Unicode characters for clients that don’t display images.

Conclusion: DO NOT INSTALL!

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WebDAV for Filelink

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Just mount your server's share directory with sshfs, curlftpfs, WebDrive, and copy the file over with your bog-standard file manager, like a normal person and like it was intended.

Then the FileLink add-on part can be reduced to




In other words: Congratulations. You re-invented the wheel. *Badly*.

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To say that this is the most important enhancement browsers had, since the existence of add-ons, is not even an overstatement.
Finally, we can have the web our way, and make it look and behave like we want to. Finally we can fix bad but necessary websites, and even add features. And all with a tiny little bit of JavaScript. Anything easier than this would lose too much power. Anything more complicated is a waste of energy.

It might be an obvious idea, if you think about it. But like the egg of Columbus, you got to have the *idea* first.

Man, this sounds like one of those fake raving reviews… But I won’t force some made-up or irrelevant bad points into this, just to *seem* balanced. I’m honest: I find this add-on awesome and game-changing!

So please, unless you have nothing to complain about the web at all, and can’t imagine any feature you’d like any site to have… install this.

Edit: Oh, and don’t forget to add GreaseFire to this, so it shows you the available scripts for the site/page you are on. (Or go to userscripts.org.)

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Social Fixer

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The add-on version showed me a bunch of JS errors as well, related to a library.
I would recommend the Greasemonkey version. But right now, it completely hangs my browser. :/

But don’t get me wrong: Most of the time, the Greasemonkey version worked nearly completely.
It is a dirty spaghetti solution though, that not only breaks every time something on FB is changed, but often doesn’t fix it in a very non-hackish way.
The former is not exactly the developer’s fault though. It’s the only choice one has.

So in general, I’ll simply install an older version of the Greasemonkey script, and not upgrade, until this mess is over.

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This is what I was looking for. But it still has a problem with dictionaries that are very similar. In my case it repeatedly uses the British dictionary when really I need the American one. Maybe there should be a way to set the preferred order in case of there being the same amount of errors in more than one. And another open question is what happens when the right dictionary just lacks some words that a wrong one has included.
Another thing I wonder, is why it seems to only check part of the text, instead of all of it. It seems to depend on the cursor position. Please remove that, or at least let me disable it.

If those things would be fixed, it would be perfect though.

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WildFox Video Add-On

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While I highly support this to fight the Mozilla team’s false flag support for the media Mafia, it will go very wrong when someone uses (X)HTML5 video tags for something else than a media player. Like for example with overlays, post-processing, and truly embedded with SVG etc.
So this is a temporary workaround, unless Mozilla comes to its senses.
PROTIP: If you don’t use a piece of software/information because of a “copyright”/“patent”/“trademark”/“IP” claim, then they STILL won, and you are STILL acknowledging the “IP” lie, and hence are still supporting the organized crime, which in my eyes makes you a criminal too. The only right way is to NEVER let anyone blackmail you into obeying their lies and delusions PERIOD. Of which installing this plug-in is a small but good part. :)

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Memory Fox

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There is no reason, why a add-on that calls some Firefox-own API functions, would have to be Windows-only. It’s silly.
Please make this platform-independent.

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The thing seems to be dead for a while now… Sadly… I liked it.
(Rating is based on how alive it is.)