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Tab Mix Plus

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If we're talking Practicality, Usefulness, and Straight up Convenient, I can think of no other ADDON that even touches the surface of what this addon makes possible for FireFox. It's become an ESSENTIAL part of my daily browsing that I cannot live without it. I think I'm jones-ing because it's not yet 3.5 compatible. Please update faster! Pretty please. I need my "FIX", ;(


-- TEAM MOZZILA! YOU NEED TO INTEGRATE THESE FEATURES. (Yes, that's an order. Get'er Done.)

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Liquid Words

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Superb, excellent, intuitive, and direct. Has everything I can think of when highlighting a word.

I am always trying to increase my vocabulary and when I come across that unique word that escapes my comprehension, hyperwords is there ready to assist -- and without even leaving the page! Instant pop up of the highlighted word... It's great.

Ehh... so it phones home anonymous usage information. You use google right? Well.. there ya go. If you google, you're also phoning home usage information. -- I still don't figure why this is a big concern for most people as this information (for the most part) is used to better how information is provided to our browsing experience in the "Grand Scheme" of things... blah!

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