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great with one small niggle Puntuado con 4 de 5 estrellas

Very useful - good for pre-integration testing of stuff from other domains without having to re-write your server conf etc.! One niggle - I killed the config xml then couldn\'t install new scripts, uninstalling and re-installing GM didn\'t help until I\'d also killed the gm_scripts folder (actually went in and manually killed all the files but suspect it was this one that made the difference). Would be nice if installer script created config file if absent rather than just checking for a scripts folder then leaving it alone - understand and applaud the ratinale, but this IS going to be used by hackers :-) - and maybe if the script management tool could do this too - at the moment if the config is absent the install modal dialog will sit and do nothing when you hit Install and will only go away when you cancel. Couldn\'t find a mail/comment/report address ...

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