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Aero Fox XL

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I looked on your site and found no visual differences between your free and paid for version.

So here's a few suggestions for both:

1. Make the gray behind the favicon for the address bar and the favicon for the search bar black

2. Remove the lines that separate the menu bar, the navigation bar, the bookmarks bar, and the tabs bar.

3. Make the gradient go from the menu bar to the tabs bar instead of doing a whole gradient within each bar

4. Make the status bar at the bottom black.

5. Make the address bar become smaller when smaller icons are used. This is my biggest complaint -- it is way to tall (e.g. In the Dark theme)

Thanks for a great theme, will look forward to the updates!

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Adblock Plus

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The Adblock Plus filters everything you don't want and leaves everything you do want. Pages load faster, flashy ads are a thing of the past, and what you're left with is a smooth browsing experience. I am so excited about this add-on I've told all my family and friends. I don't know how I surfed without it!

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