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I would like it...but: Puntuado con 4 de 5 estrellas

I really, really like the buttons and simplicity of the style, but: I can't read any of the text in the menus. I imagine it's a conflict with my GTK theme (I'm using Debian Linux, with it's default Gnome Environment and Metacity Window Manager) but not a single other of the 20ish themes that I have installed has this problem.

In this theme: The text in the menubar is black on the black background, and in the actual menus, it's black on the dark gray background...so it's either impossible to see until I mouse-over it, or very hard to see). I wish this wasn't the case, because I think it's really a very nice theme, otherwise. Hopefully next release will clear this up!

Esta valoración es de una versión anterior del complemento (2.0.0). 


Oh wow...this is so awesome! Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

Every now and then, somebody comes along and makes something that makes the computer users of the world say "Holy crap balls, how did we ever get by without this?!"

Esta valoración es de una versión anterior del complemento (0.97.1).