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Iridium Compatible con Firefox 57+

YouTube with more freedom

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5.495 usuarios

Youtube Watchmarker Compatible con Firefox 57+

Automatically mark videos on Youtube that you have already watched.

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Note: This addon is no longer maintained!

Provides a very clean interface to YouTube.
Hides in-video ads, comments, related videos, promotional videos, annotations, channels etc.

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YTMonster Compatible con Firefox 57+

Просматривайте видео и продвигайте свои ролики на YouTube

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Wykop Player Remover Compatible con Firefox 57+

Plugin do usuwania jwplayera z

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74 usuarios

Tube Convertor

Convert video into MP3 in one click from youtube page and add tags in one another click.

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Youtube Ad Auto-Closer Compatible con Firefox 57+

Close the video banner after X seconds
This is NOT an Ad Blocker, It just closes faster.

This is not an Youtube official extension.
All the logos and pictures here is used under fair-use, And is belonged by the corresponding owners.

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Say 'Goodbye!' to comments on YouTube! :)

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Dawdle block Compatible con Firefox 57+

Put time limits on unproductive sites.

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Switch Off Compatible con Firefox 57+

Switch Off Add-on helps increase productivity by preventing online distractions and web browsing addiction by limiting number of open browser tabs and by enabling addictive and distracting websites only at specified time and duration of the day.

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BackToOne Compatible con Firefox 57+

BackToOne is a productivity tool which disables YouTube's autoplay feature along with bringing the user's focus to the currently playing video.

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