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Cirrus Insight Compatible con Firefox 57+

Add-on for Gmail. Email tracking & templates; Drip campaigns; Follow-up reminders; Appointment scheduling; Salesforce integration; Attachment tracking. 150,000 users.

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ORGanizer for Salesforce Compatible con Firefox 57+

ORGanizer - The best Salesforce Extension ever

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Apex Debugger Compatible con Firefox 57+

Improved Salesforce debug logs.
Press Shift+d (Shift+w) from any SalesForce page to open logs list.
-Search inside latest logs
-Any object id in log becoms a link
-Indent sObjects, JSON, and XML
-Click on extension icon to view key shortcuts

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SalesforceProductionWarning Compatible con Firefox 57+

Help Salesforce Developers and Admins to distinguish Sandbox and Production easily by border page red.

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Salesforce Lightning Compact Styler Compatible con Firefox 57+

Make your Salesforce Lightning experience more compact.

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ProvenWorks add-on for Salesforce

Automatically activates AddressTools Free or Premium on Salesforce pages.

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DFG 152

The DFG 152 plugin allows implementing the DFG 152 solution in the Salesforce system. This solution allows you to store the revoked personal data in the cloud on servers residing on the territory of Russian Federation.

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Memonic for Salesforce Web Clipper Necesita reiniciarse

Allows you to save relevant parts out of any website directly into Salesforce.

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Salesforce Dashboard Auto Refresh

Refresh the Salesforce Dashboards Automatically at Specific Intervals

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