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Multifox Sin reiniciar Destacados

An extension that allows Firefox to connect to websites using different user names. Simultaneously.

*** Multifox 2 users: try the "Window Mode" (Addons - Multifox - Options) ***

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Gmail Notifier (restartless) Sin reiniciar Destacados

Multiple account (or label) Gmail notifier (without storing passwords)

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Webmail Ad Blocker Sin reiniciar Destacados

Bloquea los molestos anuncios a la derecha de la pantalla cuando usas Yahoo Mail, Hotmail y Gmail dándote mas espacio para el mensaje.

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X-notifier (for Gmail,Hotmail,Yahoo,AOL ...) Destacados

Notifier for gmail, yahoo, hotmail, aol and more webmails.
X-notifier(aka WebMail Notifier) checks your webmail accounts and notifies the number of unread emails...
Supports : gmail, yahoo, hotmail, POP3/IMAP, facebook, twitter and more

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89.976 usuarios

Gmail™ Notifier + Sin reiniciar Destacados

Gmail™ Notifier Plus alerts you of new email messages. Users can also read or reply to emails, delete or mark them as read, all without having to open a new window.

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Gmail panel

Revisa y haz lo que quieras en tu Gmail con un panel.
También te avisa los correos no leídos.
***Necesitas tener habilitado "Icono de mensaje no leído" (Configuración > Labs).***

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FastestFox - Navega más rápido

Navegue más rápido acelerando tareas comunes. FastestFox le ayuda a buscar información, navegar la Wikipedia, visitar sus sitios favoritos, copiar y pegar, y más.

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Integrated Inbox for Gmail and Google Apps Sin reiniciar Destacados

Tired of having multiple tabs open just to view your favorite Google services and other Apps like Feedly, Evernote, Twitter and more? Now you can see them right from your Gmail Inbox.

Install now or visit for more info.

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Night Mode Eye Guard Sin reiniciar

Night mode to protect eyesight. works perfect for almost websites,

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Gmail Mail Sidebar Sin reiniciar

Gmail Mail Sidebar brings Gmail right into your Firefox Sidebar.

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AddThis for Firefox is the best add-on to make sharing and bookmarking simple. Have all your favorite web 2.0 social networking, bookmarking, blogging, and e-mail services at your fingertips. Share any page, anytime, with anyone.

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GMail Checker

Multiple Account Gmail Checker

The latest version is available at
Please upgrade to the latest version before reporting any problem.

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Tab notifier Destacados

Posibilita las notificaciones desktop como en Chrome (v.g. Gmail, y, si el sitio no los utiliza, puede notificar de nuevos mensajes detectando el cambio del título (v.g. Hotmail, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter). Aunque si el browser es minimizado!

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Open GMail (Google Mail) in new tab - toolbar icon

With this Firefox add-on you can add a GMail icon to the toolbar. This button opens Google Mail ( webpage on a new tab.

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Shortcuts for Google™ Products Sin reiniciar

Shortcuts of Google Products

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Simple Mail

Mail client (POP3/IMAP/SMTP) for Firefox.

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Ad-blocker for Gmail Sin reiniciar

Hide ads in Gmail, and more cool stuff, simply with CSS.

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Markdown Here

Escribe tu correo electrónico en Markdown, y hazlo bonito.

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Email This!

Email This! will send your recipient the link, title, & highlighted text of the page you are viewing using GMail, Google Apps GMail, Yahoo, and Stand-Alone Mail Clients like Outlook Express, Thunderbird, & More!

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Shareaholic | share with Google, Facebook and more

Shareaholic is the easiest way to share & bookmark great content from anywhere on the web from one simple ALL-IN-ONE add-on. Works with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, LinkedIn, E-mail and 200+ additional services.

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