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Ghostery Compatible con Firefox 57+ Destacados

Proteja su privacidad. Compruebe quién le está siguiendo mientras navega por Internet con Ghostery.

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946.404 usuarios

FT DeepDark Necesita reiniciarse Destacados

Smooth dark theme for Firefox

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55.701 usuarios

Click&Clean Necesita reiniciarse

The quick and easy way to delete your browsing history, erase all temporary internet files, remove downloaded files history, cookies, Flash LSO, typed URLs. Allows to delete private data when Firefox closes. Supported ext. tools like CCleaner.

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92.290 usuarios

Cookies Exterminator

Auto delete cookies and localStorage objects as soon as they become unused

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1.299 usuarios

DNS Flusher Necesita reiniciarse

A Mozilla Firefox add-on that provides a easy way to reload the browser DNS cache.
It's commonly used by developers that uses the Hosts File to force a domain name resolution to a specific IP.

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14.739 usuarios

Form History Control Necesita reiniciarse

Una extensión para ver y administrar entradas del historial de formularios (ver, editar, borrar, eliminar selectivamente, exportar/importar)

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17.511 usuarios

Simple White Compact Necesita reiniciarse

Paint your Firefox white. Make it look simpler, nicer, and compact.
The vast majority of the work was done by Louis Chan on Simple White, the theme this is based on.

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1.353 usuarios

Neat URL Compatible con Firefox 57+

Remove garbage from URLs.

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33 usuarios

HackTheWeb Necesita reiniciarse

The Web. Displayed Your Way.
Click to zap away rubbish.
Hack out the noise, read, print in peace.
* Widen Elements & Text.
* Save the changes to Stylish.
* Remove Sidebars & Ads.
* Black on White.
* Isolate.
User empowerment (bsd on aardvark)

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2.729 usuarios


This add-on is very simple: on installation, it backs up and then resets your search preferences and home page to their default values, and then uninstalls itself. This affects the search bar, URL bar searches, and the home page.

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300 usuarios

Search Engine Ad Remover Compatible con Firefox 57+

Removes ads when searching using Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, StartPage and Ask!

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1.237 usuarios

Clear Cache Necesita reiniciarse

Clear Cache was developed to make it easier for Web development, clearing your browser cache (RAM and DISK) by pressing a button or via the F9 key.

F9 Fever! ;)

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15.235 usuarios

History Janitor Necesita reiniciarse

Firefox does not give an option to remove the oldest entries from the history. History Janitor automatically purges history entries on Firefox startup. The user is allowed to specify a number of days. Everything older than this number is deleted!

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1.763 usuarios

Kick Facebook Suggested Posts Compatible con Firefox 57+

The extension remove every suggested posts from your Facebook main page.

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404 usuarios

UI Eraser

Hide Firefox User Interface.

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1.993 usuarios

Simple White Necesita reiniciarse

Paint your firefox white. Make it look simpler, nicer.

For Beta users, please download the latest development version.

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3.234 usuarios

Better URL Bar

Makes the URL bar and Search bar more readable, and the navigation-toolbar compact.

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852 usuarios

Organize Status Bar Necesita reiniciarse

This extension will enable you to organize your status bar icons. You can now rearrange or remove any item (icon or text) in the Firefox status bar. If your status bar is full and cluttered like mine was, give this a try.

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