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Xmarks Sync Necesita reiniciarse

NOTE: Xmarks lives! Learn more at . Xmarks is the #1 bookmarking add-on. Keep your bookmarks, passwords and open tabs backed up and synchronized across computers and browsers.

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Cookies Manager+ Necesita reiniciarse

Cookies manager to view, edit and create new cookies. It also shows extra information about cookies, allows edit multiple cookies at once and backup/restore them.

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FEBE Necesita reiniciarse

FEBE (Firefox Environment Backup Extension) le permite hacer fácil y rápidamente copias de seguridad de sus extensiones de Firefox. De hecho, va más allá de hacer sólamente copias de seguridad --

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Form History Control Necesita reiniciarse

Una extensión para ver y administrar entradas del historial de formularios (ver, editar, borrar, eliminar selectivamente, exportar/importar)

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CLEO Necesita reiniciarse

CLEO (Compact Library Extension Organizer) es una extensión para firefox que funciona con FEBE* para empaquetar cualquier número de extensiones y temas en un único archivo instalable .xpi.

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OPIE (Ordered Preference Import/Export) Necesita reiniciarse

Import/Export your Firefox extension preferences

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Textarea Cache Lite Compatible con Firefox 57+

Allows to save automatically the content in a text input field.
(Currently not compatibility with Textarea Cache)

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Save My Tabs Necesita reiniciarse

Periodically saves info on all of your open tabs to a TSV text file (window/tab index, URL and title of each tab), thus creating a searchable history of URL visits.

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BackupFox Necesita reiniciarse

This Firefox extension automatically backs-up your bookmarks and/or history when they are modified. Use this tool to maintain a copy of important browser settings on a another disk or network share.

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Bookmarks Backup Restore Necesita reiniciarse

'Bookmarks Backup Restore' add-on allows accessing Librarys 'Bookmarks Backup and Restore' features through a toolbar button.

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Tab Grenade

Puts all your tabs into a list, freeing memory without losing any information. Open-Source and very lightweight.

Click the icon or press Ctrl-Alt-T/Cmd-Option-T to "grenade" the tabs.

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MR Tech Toolkit Necesita reiniciarse

(Formerly Local Install) The primary goal of this extension is to provide the tools needed to install and manage extensions and themes locally and tons of other features.

Note: With Toolkit 6.0 Auto Archiving is fully working in Firefox 2.0 and temp...

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DNS Saver

Save DNS for visited hosts.

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OPML Support Necesita reiniciarse

OPML Support adds OPML import/export functionality to the Firefox Bookmarks manager.

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Mar Mod Necesita reiniciarse

Adds multiple characteristics and enhancements to Firefox for browsing, extension update, online translation, back up, and makes some visual modifications.

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Password Backuper Necesita reiniciarse

Export your Firefox Saved Password as a Backup automatically!
Needs "Passwort-Exporter" Extension (Version 1.2 testet)

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Adds a twitter option that saves tweets to with one click.

TweetSave is a permanent archive of tweets that also generates mirrors on the WayBack machine and

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LogMote addon Necesita reiniciarse

LogMote provides a way to manage web site login/passwords stored on your smartphone when surfing the internet with your computer.

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Rad Notepad Yahoo Notepad Exporter

Rad Notepad Yahoo Notepad Exporter lets you download the full contents of your Yahoo Notepad folders for offline use / backup.

Quickly grab a .zip file containing all your Yahoo Notepad notes with this easy to use extension.

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Forumotion Backup Templates

Export & Import Forumotion templates

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