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Symbol 2 Clipboard

Simple keyboard containing many special characters, click on any character to copy it to clipboard.

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Photoshop-like guides and rulers interface on a web page. Guides are created by click-and-dragging corresponding horizontal or vertical ruler. It is possible to open/save created guides as grids (Note: grids will be saved on a page location basis).

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eyedropper Button Necesita reiniciarse

Grab a color from the screen with a button.

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Auto Reset Browser Necesita reiniciarse

Closes all the windows and open a new browser window after a specified time of inactivity. Perfect to use if you use Firefox as a Kiosk Browser...

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Simple Lorem Ipsum Compatible con Firefox 57+

This extension provides a simple Lorem Ipsum paragraph, which can be inserted into web form fields.

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Un servidor HTTP básico dentro de Firefox. Para programadores cansados de 'python -m SimpleHTTPServer'

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GhostText For Firefox

Connects a text area or js code editor to an editor with GhostText server installed, all text changes will be send from the editor to the browser and vice versa.

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ng-inspect Compatible con Firefox 57+

Inspect the angular scope in the developper tools inspector

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WordPress Theme and Plugins Detector

Detects the theme and plugins used in WordPress and display information about them. For sites using wordpress an icon will appear - right hand side of the address bar.

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Google Adsense Checker Necesita reiniciarse

Google Adsense Checker can display the Adsense earnings on statusbar, it is similar to adsense notifier.

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Sharepoint Administrator's Toolbar Necesita reiniciarse

A Toolbar for aiding Sharepoint Administrators by putting the most common navigational commands at the point of their mouse. Supports navigation in both regular firefox tabs as well as IEtab2 and IEtab+. It works for Sharepoint 2007 and 2010.

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eBay Template Generator Compatible con Firefox 57+

Generate e-bay templates online - in few minutes.

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Fake Data Compatible con Firefox 57+

Fill form fields on the fly with fake random data. No configuration needed, just double click on each input you want to fill.
Has an autolearn feature for unrecognised fields.

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Amplifier AMP/Canonical switcher Compatible con Firefox 57+

Quickly switch between Canonical and AMP version of a page

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8 usuarios Mods, Zoom, Unlock Skins, Bots Compatible con Firefox 57+

The Best Mod and Extension for! Mod Zoom, Play with Friends, Skins, Custom Skins, Bots

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GTM DataLayer Watcher

This will watch the DataLayer and log new items to the console as they are pushed.

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WebIDE Auto-debug

Automatically open the developer tools when launching an app in WebIDE.

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NoFollow Compatible con Firefox 57+

Outlines nofollow links, detect nofollow and noindex meta tags on webpages. Features website filtering and custom CSS outline styles

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Created to workaround ZeroClipboard's limitation of only working on mouse clicks. Once this Add-On is installed into Firefox >= 34, every page has an additional window.ffclipboard object which allow access to the Firefox Add-On SDK's clipboard.

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notice noindex Necesita reiniciarse

notify the noindex of the page

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