Find and Replace Tab Urls Compatible con Firefox 57+

Find and replace text in the url across all of your tabs. Easily search for and replace specific strings such as dates, tokens, queries, and more.

This app is designed when you have many tabs open and need to replace a particular string in the url

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Agregados February 26, 2016

duplicate current tab

This button duplicates current tab. Similar to 'duplicate tab' in context menu in chrome. Simple and clear)

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Agregados February 20, 2016

Okezone Addon

For auto open add-on

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Agregados February 17, 2016

KBrowser Necesita reiniciarse

KBrowser by Optimal Access, let's you pin and save your tabs in groups. Pinned tabs are only opened when you click on them. Close tabs without deleting them. Instant access to all your favorites! Your World Organized.

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Agregados February 16, 2016

FriendWork Recruiter Import Compatible con Firefox 57+

Быстрое и удобное добавление кандидатов прямо в сервис FriendWork Recruiter

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Agregados February 16, 2016

Free Utility Helper

Override the new tab page with Free Utility Helper

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Agregados February 15, 2016

Keyboard Shortcut for Tab Duplication Compatible con Firefox 57+

Adds a keyboard shortcut, Alt+/, for tab duplication.

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Agregados February 11, 2016

BlueGolf Kiosk

Add-on for BlueGolf.

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Agregados February 10, 2016

Fast Tab Switcher

Fast Tab Switcher allows you to find and switch to any tab or bookmark immediately. It is very useful if there are multiple windows and/or lots of tabs opened.

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Agregados February 7, 2016

Mute all inactive tabs Compatible con Firefox 57+

Automatically mutes all inactive tabs.

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Agregados February 2, 2016

Zero Footprint: Selective History Eraser

Ever wish you could only CERTAIN websites from your history without deleting it EVERYTHING? Because honestly, what's more suspicious than always clearing your history after you've used the computer?

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Agregados February 2, 2016

Shop at Best

Shop at Best firefox extension

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Agregados February 2, 2016

Temp StyleBar Necesita reiniciarse

A firefox toolbar

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Agregados February 1, 2016


Rette ein Stück Natur mit jedem neuen Tab!
Das Add-On zeigt bei jedem neuen Tab eine Seite von Tabs4Nature.
Durch die Werbeinblendungen auf dieser Seite hilft jeder neue Tab weitere
Spenden für Projekte zum Schutz und Erhalt der Natur zu sammeln.

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Agregados January 31, 2016


Subscribe any youtube channel with feedly.

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Agregados January 30, 2016


Pins homepage(s) everytime firefox is started

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Agregados January 29, 2016

Reopen Tab Quickly

Shortcut to reopen the last closed tab.

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Agregados January 27, 2016


An addon that shows photos from on your new tab page. Requires Firefox 44 or newer.

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Agregados January 26, 2016

Tab Group Switch Necesita reiniciarse

Save tab groups and switch between them.

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Agregados January 26, 2016

Reverse Image Search

Reverse Image Search / Search with images
Google, Yandex, Bing, TinEye, Baidu, Haosou and Sougou
Right click any image to perform search using new tabs.
It has the ability of being used in Instagram, Flickr and Twitter too

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Agregados January 23, 2016