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Similar Sites Toolbar Requires Restart

The Similar Sites add-on lets you discover new sites related to your current open web page, all based on user results.

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SoundCloud Mp3 Downloader

Add download link to all SoundClould tracks

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YouTube Video Player Preview

YouTube Video Player Preview lets you preview YouTube videos when you hover over thumbnails.

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VPN Unlimited–Anonymous Proxy

Protect all your valuable private data and unblock any Web restrictions!

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Image Download for Instagram

Adds a right click direct download context menu item for image download from Instagram

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Proxy Tool Requires Restart

Proxy Tool - Powerful, yet User-friendly proxy tool to manage your proxies and anonymity needs, including: 46M+ user agents (world's largest), 10 different spoofed HTTP referrers, auto-proxy rotation, plus many more. Developed by

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webPass Firefox works in conjunction with Stoneware webNetwork version 6.3 (and later) to provide single sign-on (SSO) capabilities within Firefox.

You must be authenticated to a webNetwork server to use this add-on.

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Emoji Cheatsheet

A reference for the codes to generate Emojis on popular sites like GitHub or Basecamp and Unicode characters for Twitter and Facebook.
Search Emojis by name or view recently selected items. Emojis are automatically copied to the clipboard.

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Swap Proxy Requires Restart

Swap Your Proxy Setting instantly just by a click.

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Send Mail in Browser Requires Restart

When you click link with href format mailto, it will popup google mail/yahoo/hotmail to send email insteadof open os mail client.

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F1000 Browser Extension

Instantly save and annotate articles from the web

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TubeBuddy Plugin

TubeBuddy is a browser extension built for YouTube creators that can save hours of time, help optimize videos, help engage with your audience and a whole lot more.

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Zoom Scheduler

Schedule Zoom meetings directly from Google Calendar.

The Zoom Firefox Extension allows participants to schedule Zoom cloud meetings directly from Google Calendar. you can start an instant meeting or schedule a future meeting via a button.

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Proxy VPN gratis Hotspot Shield

Desbloquee cualquier web o contenido bloqueado y mantenga la seguridad y privacidad gracias a la VPN Hotspot Shield. Interfaz fácil de usar que se activa con un clic. Ancho de banda ilimitado, GRATIS.

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Capital Koala

Bouton d'aide à l'achat Capital Koala pour Mozilla Firefox

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Instant Translate: Select and Translate

Translation, text-to-speech, transliteration on pages and in the pop-up for 100+ languages.

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Acede a todos os sites bloqueados em Portugal. Uma experiência de internet livre e sem qualquer tipo de bloqueios.

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Jocly gives access to over 100 board games, for playing alone against the computer or remotely against someone else. It provides a 3D interface for most games and video chat with the opponent in the 3D scene.

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SCDL SoundCloud Downloader

SoundCloud Download Helper. Adds ARTWORK, ARTIST, GENRE, TRACKNAME !!

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