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YouTube SideBar Player Sin reiniciar

Watching YouTube videos in sidebar. Switch tabs or do something else, while watching YouTube videos. Almost supports all web pages.

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90 usuarios

3 A.M. Adder

Add videos to your 3 A.M. playlists from any website.

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YouTube Enhance for Google Search Sin reiniciar

Play or download YouTube videos in Google Search Results. No need to go to YouTube.

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113 usuarios

Deboleto.Pe Sin reiniciar

Escucha nuestra radio con un solo click.

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Vines Search

A simple and lightweight Vines search addon! This addon is designed for an easy way to search Vine videos, tags, people, users profiles. It does this by finding vines results based on your query and redirecting you to results page automatically.

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28 usuarios

YouTube Downloader - TubeGrabber ► Sin reiniciar

Easiest way to download videos from YouTube

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131 usuarios

FreedomXpress Sin reiniciar

I am the author of this add on and I have my own streaming Internet Radio station where I am the owner and only DJ. NOTE: I can not promise what time I'll air but will try to notify in FaceBook when I air.

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GIKRadio Sin reiniciar

GIKRadio Online Player. The extension allows you to listen GIKRadio directly in the browser. Walk on the Internet and listen good music!

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38 usuarios Player MP3 Player

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3 usuarios - Pusher Sin reiniciar

Saves your pictures to

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2 usuarios

Отправляйте картинки на

Установленная в ваш браузер кнопка «Pinme» позволит легко добавлять картинки с других сайтов в любую из ваших коллекций на сайте

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13 usuarios

"/v" to youtube URLs Sin reiniciar

This addon adds (and removes) the "/v" in the URL of youtube videos with the simple click of a button!

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128 usuarios


The iConverter extension is a convenient way of converting videos, audio files, documents, and measurements directly.

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5 usuarios

Pikiz Sin reiniciar

Caption beautiful images on the web. Inspire your friends and followers.

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83 usuarios

Rádio MK Sin reiniciar

Ouça enquanto navega no Facebook ou Twitter.

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3 usuarios

Bunchcut Sin reiniciar

Quickly add images you find on the web to Bunchcut.

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6 usuarios

Did I Already Watch That? Sin reiniciar

The easiest way to remember if you already watched that show. It automatically remembers your watched movies on , so you can see later, wether you watched it or not yet.

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35 usuarios

YouTube2Video2MP3 Sin reiniciar

Youtube MP3 download through Video2MP3

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58 usuarios

Screen Capturing Sin reiniciar

Captures and shares your screen in Firefox

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27 usuarios

Top 10 Albums Sin reiniciar

Displays the top 10 albums for a user highlighted artist.

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24 usuarios