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TMOS Affiliate Redirect Necesita reiniciarse

Redirects links on TMOS affiliate sites to be tagged with the TMOS affiliate codes automagically!

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Agregados February 13, 2013

sydsvenskan easyread Necesita reiniciarse

En add-on som gör det lättare att läsa sydsvenskans artiklar...

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Agregados February 12, 2013 news button Necesita reiniciarse

Addon to display news from

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Agregados February 9, 2013

Benedictine Divine Office Necesita reiniciarse

Catholic Prayer Hours as practiced for centuries through the day provided and described: Matins, Lauds, Sext, Terce, None, Vespers, Compline. Liturgy for Major and Minor Hours. Time feature to be added!

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Agregados February 9, 2013


Enhances the Guardian comment experience. Includes a back-reference when you reply on the Guardian, an optional flat chronological view, folding buttons for nests, and speedy links within the page.

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Agregados February 7, 2013

Tahrir Squared Bookmarker

Firefox extension to add content to Tahrir Squared

Tailor-made bookmarking tool for the Tahrir Squared website. #Jan25

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Agregados February 6, 2013

Justaple Staple Tools

Justaple 是個免費的網頁保存服務,讓你更簡易的進行收集網路資訊,完整的保存網頁中包括美食、消費、旅遊、電影及工作上需要的資料,解決網頁消失的困擾,而且讓網頁中的文字與圖片的再次利用變得更方便。

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Agregados February 4, 2013

Quora me not: Unblur Necesita reiniciarse

Unblurs the blurred answers for unregistered users. Also Removes the annoying "You must be signed in to use Quora." message, in case it shows up.

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Agregados February 2, 2013

zMember Necesita reiniciarse

Le soin palliatif pour améliorer votre expérience de navigation sur OpenClassrooms

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Agregados February 1, 2013 - Bảng tin của Game thủ

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Agregados January 30, 2013

Pollsta Necesita reiniciarse

Quickly share your contset Question with Pollsta

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Agregados January 24, 2013

Football Highlights

Missed your favourite Soccer game? Now watch the highlights...

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Agregados January 23, 2013

Noticias Automotivas Necesita reiniciarse

Extensao do blog Noticias Automotivas para Firefox, que facilita o acesso a todas as noticias sobre carros direto no seu navegador.

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Agregados January 22, 2013

PostBuddy Posting Utility Necesita reiniciarse

A utility for abstracting text passages from web pages, news, blogs and articles, and then reformatting and editing the text for your own news reporting, criticism, review, research and private study articles.

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Agregados January 20, 2013

中国数字时代 Firefox Addon

Launching the Chinese section of China Digital Times with one click using Firefox Addon.

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Agregados January 20, 2013

Character Count

Count the letters in the text. Also provide information related to number of non-whitespace characters, words and lines

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Agregados January 19, 2013

Neicca Extension Necesita reiniciarse

Firefox extension for Neicca Communities ( brings together the circles of families, friends, neighbors, and colleagues, through the user-controlled, automatic, and anonymous sharing of their online activities.

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Agregados January 3, 2013

PubMedID to Wikipedia-Citation

Transforms PMID number (marked text) into the in-line-citation string for use in any wikipedia to get a PubMed citation into the references.

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Agregados January 2, 2013 Necesita reiniciarse

Find. Share. Discover. The extension helps you easily share anything on the web, with your audience over on One click is all you need to type a description of your shared page, and off it goes!

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Agregados December 31, 2012

memoryBank Necesita reiniciarse

Integration with

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Agregados December 27, 2012