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Qatar Prayer Times

Prayer Times in Qatar

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Agregados December 12, 2011

PC INpact Toolkit for Firefox Sin reiniciar

Extension permettant de profiter du meilleur de PC INpact... directement depuis Firefox

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Agregados December 9, 2011

Kelly Clarkson Theme with Personas Interactive Sin reiniciar

This is a browser theme built especially Kelly's latest album - STRONGER. With the Kelly Clarkson Theme, you'll enjoy stunning images of Kelly throughout the theme, quick links to Kellebrities and her social media pages, breaking and featured news

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Agregados December 7, 2011

Cutnote Web Clipper

Help you to save things you see on the web into your Cutnote account.

You can also add tag, comment, edit, organize, drag & drop, search and share these clips.

You can write your own notes too.

100% compatible with Google Notebook.

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Agregados December 5, 2011

pega Sin reiniciar

Firefox Extension for

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Agregados November 29, 2011

Storie Web Clipper

Add pictures from anywhere on the web to your stories. Create photo galleries for your blogs with minimal effort.

To use this add-on, you must be a Storie user. Download our free iPhone app at to get started.

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Agregados November 22, 2011

Santa Theme with Personas Interactive

Merry Christmas! This is a browser theme like no other. With the Santa Browser Theme, you'll enjoy a fun and festive theme, featured Holiday music from, quick links to recipes, deals and more, and a video sidebar of holiday cheer

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Agregados November 18, 2011

News360 Periscope

Augments news sites to show all sides of the story

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Agregados November 17, 2011

Stevecast Updater 1.1

Stevecast's auto update service.

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Agregados November 13, 2011

Bring to OneNote

Send text and images to Microsoft Office OneNote from firefox. With section dialog, we can select an OneNote section to store page with title.

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Agregados November 13, 2011

HCL Meme

A simple toolbar for HCLites to increase their MEMEs.


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Agregados November 11, 2011


Get instant email notifications when your favorite websites and blogs are updated by using this extension and Feed2Mail free service.

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Agregados November 10, 2011

AutoHide RSS Icon

Hides your RSS icon from the toolbar or menu when no feeds are available for subscribing.

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Agregados November 8, 2011

Auf Trollbook posten

Postet die aktuelle Seite oder das Aktuelle Yotube-Video auf

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Agregados October 28, 2011


Deze add-on biedt een real-time overzicht van de laatste artikelen op Frankwatching en geeft een snelkoppeling naar de belangrijkste rubrieken. Frankwatching schrijft over online trends en ontwikkelingen.

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Agregados October 26, 2011

Lunatic Fox

Get easy access to posts from right from your firefox tab and make the most of your online presence with the regularly updated marketing tips.

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Agregados October 21, 2011

TecnoGaming Menu

Fácil Navegación y Búsqueda en los Sitios de TecnoGaming

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Agregados October 19, 2011

Halloween 2011 Interactive Theme Sin reiniciar

A Halloween theme created by where you can Build Your Own Browser Theme. This theme includes links to sites and videos. Note: Bing Powered Web Search+ will be set as the default search engines, you can always change later.

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Agregados October 17, 2011

BrandMyMail - Email Signatures for GMail and more

Brand your emails with your company look, dynamic signatures and email templates from your GMail. Embed signature, blog posts, Facebook and Twitter updates, pictures, videos and more in your emails!

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Agregados October 13, 2011

eQuake Alert II

Have you ever thought of getting alerts on land disasters like earth quake, right on your desktop . eQuake Alert is the solution for that...

New version compatible with newer versions of Firefox.

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Agregados October 10, 2011