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Facebook expert feature

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FBCartonRouge 1.0 Sin reiniciar

Sanctionnez vos amis avec des cartons rouges et renvoyez les au vestiaires!

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Lomadizador de links - Lomadee.

Com esse complemento é possível lomadizar links das páginas clicando apenas no ícone do lomadee que aparece na sua barra de extensões a direita ou clicando em algum link com o botãoo direito do mouse e clicar em Lomadizar links

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Adds your provided API key to URLs that are commonly associated with NCBO REST services

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Online Logical Puzzles Sin reiniciar

Enjoy the following puzzles
Domino Hunt,
Every Second Breakpoint,
Paint by Numbers,
Tic Tac Logic,

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Random Southpark Episode Sin reiniciar

If You Love Southpark, Then You'll Love This Add-on. Every Time You Click On The Southpark Town Sign At The Bottom Right Of The Screen, A Randomly Picked Episode Will Open Up In A New Tab, So Not To Disturb Your Work On Another Tab.

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Скрывает топики на Хабре по заданным правилам

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Kaskus Topik Tooltip

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Status UIN Blogger, facebook dan twitter

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OpenWLANMap GeoLocation

Configures Firefox to use the free OpenWLANMap project for geolocation; all your data that are required for geolocation are sent to this free project instead to a (commercial) 3rd party afterwards

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Enables a user to display the detailed view of a bug in full screen. For Bug Report use only.
To enable add star button in menu : Display > Tool bars > personnalize

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Permet d'ajouter encore plus rapidement des vidéos sur son compte : hipololz.tk

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AWSCLic Skipper

Ce module ouvre automatiquement les liens créés par AwsClic, wslinx et lienscash sans temps d'attente.

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wTranslator FF Add-on

Traducteur rapide.........................

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ToolBar для пользователей mylove.ru. Позволяет всегда находиться online и получать уведомления даже находясь на другом сайте.

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Snuggle Cloud Firefox Extension. When you are not logged in, the click on the icon will take you to log in page. If you are already logged in, you can click on the icon and share the current page's link.

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Warning: This addon is no longer supported.
Based on the studies showing that human brain is better at recalling images than text, graphical passwords.... Double click on any password field to activate GPEX

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Furaffinity Little Helper

Shows all members everywhere on the site in cyan color if they are on your watch list.

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ClearWebStats Site Report

Display a ClearWebStats link button on the add-on bar. While on click it will open a new page which will then load a full http://www.clearwebstats.com site report for the website you were browsing.

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Szmalback - toolbar

Ten plugin łączy Cię bezpośrednio z Szmalback.pl - najlepszym cashbackiem w Polsce. Zainstaluj sprawdź ile możesz zaoszczędzić.

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