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ShareNXS - Capture Images

Uploads images to sharenxs.com

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Facebook Tincan Status Update

as a test this addon will let you post your status update via means of a tin can connected by strings

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Jet Donkey Social Bookmark Sin reiniciar

Jet Donkey Book Marking add-on.
Supplied by Jet Donkey for users of this site.
Right click anywhere inside a page to submit to Jet Donkey under your user account.

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DUU: DukItan Usher Url

It is a tool to fix the URL, allowing easy navigation and direct.

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Retrouvez les derniers topics du forum 15-18 Ans de Jeuxvideo.com, ainsi que des raccourcis vers des sites tels que NoelShack, Hapshack, NoelShare... ! Ainsi que les smileys !

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5 usuarios

Unflag Addon on AMO Sin reiniciar

Adds link to un-admin flag an addon

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10 usuarios


A Classic Minesweeper game with beautiful graphics and scoreboard

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TumblrMSG Sin reiniciar

The TumblrMSG extension brings the robust messaging offered by TumblrMSG.com right into your Tumblr dashboard.

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Barra de Descontos Boas Promoções

Economize em suas compras na Internet. A Barra de Descontos do Boas Promoções te da descontos em várias lojas Online no Brasil, essa barra irá te mostrar quando existe um cupom de desconto ou uma oferta disponível na loja que você está visitando.

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Agora você pode ir além dos likes do Facebook e dizer quando um assunto é realmente surpreendente.

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Simple Smartbookmark Addon

Simple Addon for Smartbookmark.net

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akayserhat test Sin reiniciar

testing my first addon

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Sweedom - Your Facebook style.

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MemoForums Sin reiniciar

Memorisez dans votre base de donnees firefox vos impressions des pseudos de certains forums, pour l'instant liberation , rue89 et le figaro.
Un outil pour les forumistes fous.

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Convert YouTube videos to mp3

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Crossword Puzzles Sin reiniciar

This Widget contains following Crossword puzzles
US Crossword
Daily Crossword
Classic Crossword
Everyday Crossword
Code Cracker
Bits N Pieces
Crossword Quiz
Cryptic Code
No Clue
Pick N Choose and
Roman Numeral Crossword

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106 usuarios


TaoBaoNavigator 淘宝网频道门户

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10 usuarios

Hindi-English inline Translator Sin reiniciar

This add-on adds two options to the context menu, one to translate the highlighted text to English, and one to Hindi. The translated text is replaced in place to aid with learning.

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6 usuarios

Global Search Extension

Searches text across tabs.
To Open press cmd+shift+s for Mac, ctrl+shift+s for others.
To close press cmd+w for mac.

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hotline-24.ru уведомления

Отправляет уведомления операторам зарегистрированным на сайте hotline-24.ru

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