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B.S. Detector Compatible con Firefox 57+

A browser extension that alerts users to unreliable news sources.

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EduTIC - Add-on para Navegador

Complemento Firefox do Software EduTIC para envio de notas e frequência escolar ao SED.

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20 usuarios

HoFF- [Hide Offline Facebook Friends]

Hides the Offline Friends From Facebook Chat Window

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Conduit aka Send to Mobile Necesita reiniciarse

Like the "Chrome to Phone" app for Android this Addon sends text, links, images and Google Maps from your browser to mobile device. Works on all devices and sends content with SMS or Email. Coming soon: iOS and Symbian^3 apps

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#wrap Necesita reiniciarse

Allows Tumblr tags to wrap around without having to use the awful drag-scrolling interface.

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Tab Statistics

Provides tab statistics such as the count, average, rate, and tab history.

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This is a Firefox extension that shows in a readable format, the state of HSTS and HPKP domains stored by the browser. Firefox does not have a native way to show these domains or this functionality documented.

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GYRbar — SEO тулбар Necesita reiniciarse

GYRbar — SEO тулбар, отображает пузомерки сайтов (тИЦ и PR), ускоряет доступ к SEO форуму GYRtalk.ru

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QR Code Getter Necesita reiniciarse

QR Code Getter is a handy and reliable Firefox extension designed to generate QR codes for the selected text via right-click.

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Copy All Tabs

Copy All Tabs takes the address and title for each tab and creates a text list of links. The list is copied to your clipboard so you can paste it to your notes. You can also open tabs from a previously saved list of links. Similar to CopyAllUrls.

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Hide tweets including specified words on your timeline.

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WP Clocky

Ferramentas simples para relógio, timers, cronometros.

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107 usuarios

Lubemonkey Necesita reiniciarse

(A Graesemonkey fork)
Next Generation script manager for Firefox with SQlite Database storage.
As greasemonkey you can customize the way a web page displays but you can do it having lots of fast storage and the power of SQL.

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60 usuarios

GiftWisdom Necesita reiniciarse

GiftWisdom Social GiftRegistry for the holidays for those expensive gifts. PUT AN END TO RE-GIFTING FROM NOW ON!

We launched this site by connecting popular online features such as social bookmarking add-on, online payments, paypal, and universal wi...

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Digg This! Necesita reiniciarse

Adds Digg This! to the right-click menu, Tools menu, and optionally the toolbar...

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4 usuarios

Bookmark quick folder Necesita reiniciarse

Ease bookmarks filing by allowing to select the destination folder quickly. ...

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Load2Mobile Necesita reiniciarse

The Load2Mobile add-on will display an icon next to supported music files on any web site that you're browsing. Just click the icon, type in your phone number, and click "Send" and the file will be sent instantly to your mobile phone!

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64 usuarios

Suicide Girls Downloader

Download photo sets from suicide girls with one click.

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270 usuarios

Youtube Downloader & Converter MP3 Necesita reiniciarse

Open video url in new tab.
With one click you can download your favorite videos or convert to mp3.

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ScrewAds Plus for YouTube Necesita reiniciarse

ScrewAds lets you enjoy YouTube videos without the annoying video and image ads.

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2.717 usuarios