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Kill News Feed for Firefox

Removes your Facebook News Feed, plain and simple. Also removes "trending" section and sidebar ads.

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Facebook Notification

The official Facebook Notification extension developed by Bagf, Inc.

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Best Youtube Mp3 Download

Best Youtube Mp3 Download can convert any YouTube video to MP3, WAV, OGG format online using any device

If you dont see Download Mp3 Button just press CTRL+F5

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Integrated Porn Autocensor (Beta)

Update add-on ini masih dalam proses review Mozilla.
Apabila versi add-on masih 0.0.5, add-on ini tidak bekerja.
Terima Kasih.
Beta Version -
Penyensoran berdasarkan teks dan citra porno secara otomatis.

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Vkontakte disable away.php

Makes links direct without away.php at Vkontakte social network.

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Apollo Bookmark/Tab/History Sync add-on Necesita reiniciarse

Bookmark/Tab/History sync add-on of Apollo for Firefox

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Firefox Hello Beta (discontinued)

Firefox Hello has been discontinued.

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Anti Linkbucks Necesita reiniciarse

Plugin de redirection automatique des liens:
* Linkbucks
* Miniurls.co
* Filesonthe.net
* Swh.gs
* Yooclick.com

Stop à l'interstitiel

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WordLearner Toolbar Necesita reiniciarse

Learn words in any language - including English, Spanish, French, German, or Italian - while you surf the web! Then practice your vocabulary with online games, mobile phone software and printable puzzles & flashcards.

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Jobspeaker Necesita reiniciarse

Jobspeaker Add-on helps you manage your job search. It helps you organize all your jobs by allowing to save, rate and track jobs that interest you from anywhere on the web to your account. It also allows you to forward or tweet jobs to your friends.

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Descarga rapido premium By Nek XD

Complemento que permite descargar archivos que esten alojados en los servidores de descarga mas populares como ,si disponiese de una cuenta premium.
Segunda version del add-ons despues de volver a rescribir el codigo, funciona full.

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A litecoin ticker displaying last traded price of LTC/USD and LTC/BTC from btc-e

Bitcoin variation:

If you wish to donate:

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Un servidor HTTP básico dentro de Firefox. Para programadores cansados de 'python -m SimpleHTTPServer'

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OneClick Installer for Wordpress Necesita reiniciarse

OneClick is a companion extension for the OneClick plugin for wordpress. It allows you to install any wordpress theme or plugin from the context menu of firefox.

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Switch Google Instant Necesita reiniciarse

Frustrate from Google Instant? Want to disable Google Instant? Do not want to use Google Instant? Then SwitchGoogleInstant.

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Limpia y optimiza tu Firefox, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Fennec (inestable), Instantbird y BlueGriffon.

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Inbox Toolbar Necesita reiniciarse

Inbox Toolbar is a free add-on for your browser that provides one-click access to your favorite websites including updates on your favorite topics, fast Web search that brings you search results from Bing® and much more.

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Easy YouTube to MP3 Converter

Convert your favorite YouTube videos and download them as MP3 files. So fast and easy!

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Calculator Widget

Quickly go from an Amazon product page to the official FBA Calculator loaded with the ASIN for that product.

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Character Count

Count the letters in the text. Also provide information related to number of non-whitespace characters, words and lines

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