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Winter Holiday Christmas Interactive Theme Necesita reiniciarse

Created by http://BrandThunder.com where you can Build Your Own Browser Theme, the Christmas Interactive Theme: Includes links to the fun sites, Christmas videos in sidebar and a day/night theme that changes automatically!

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Time Keeper

Addon with stopwatch functionality

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Copy Tab URLs Necesita reiniciarse

Copies the URLs of all open tabs

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For Human Eyes Only Necesita reiniciarse

Converts your messages into images so that it is hard for computers to extract them, while genuine humans can still read them. That is, it helps you protect against computer programs that breach your privacy by automatically analyzing what you say.

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GiveScores Compatible con Firefox 57+

Start rating websites, your opinion matters!
GiveScores allows you to rate online content like articles, products, news, reviews and to easily share your opinion/score on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

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PersistentPin Compatible con Firefox 57+

Pins the same websites across browser restarts.

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Open image in a new tab Compatible con Firefox 57+

A context menu to open images in a new tab

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This extension is the most advanced tool to reach, Search Amazon Store with ease to get to your favorite products. For Desktop and Mobile with options and categories. Try it !

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VOLSBB AutoLogin

CodeName: LAVA (Lets Automate VOLSBB Authentication)
Interaction-less VOLSBB Login Automator for Wi-fi connection for Vellore Institute Of Technology, Hostel's VOLSBB Wifi Network.

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send2cgeo Compatible con Firefox 57+

Browser addon for using send2cgeo feature of c:geo. It allows you to send geocaches directly from your desktop browser to c:geo on your phone.

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Grandfather Fox Compatible con Firefox 57+

Turn Firefox into a grandfather clock that plays a tune at the top of each hour!

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YouTube MP4 Downloader

Download YouTube videos in MP4 format.

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Token Compatible con Firefox 57+

Token è un'estensione del sito e-commerce di Ingram Micro S.R.L. (Italia) per i distributori di IT (software e hardware).

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Organize bookmarks your way. Faster than ever with the "Pack it" button.

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Search Links - speeds up search

The extension is the set of items in the context menu. They allow you to quickly jump to search pages in various search engines and social networks, with auto-insertion of selected text.

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Inkscape Editor de dibujos Compatible con Firefox 57+

Crear o editar gráficos vectoriales como ilustraciones, diagramas, artes de línea, gráficos, logotipos y pinturas complejas

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FB scroll lock Compatible con Firefox 57+

It limits the scrolling of facebook page such that only the very recent posts are seen, which allows users to spend less time on facebook.

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Preferential (New GUID) Necesita reiniciarse

Advanced preferences manager for Mozilla-based...

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Block My Referer Necesita reiniciarse

This addon allows you to block the Referer with a Button in the Toolbar

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Random Video Chat Necesita reiniciarse

6point7 is a safe and fun social video chat room for Facebook users. when you enter the chat room, you will meet a random user and you can interact using a webcam, a microphone and text chat. "Add as Friend" if you like the new friend .

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