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Savedeo video downloader

Downloading videos from popular sites (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo, etc).

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AutoCopyAndOpen Necesita reiniciarse

This add-on automatically copies to the clipboard the selected text and searches for http addresses. If found someone, opening in a new tab, or if adresses is more than one then added to the context-menu

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Rumola - bypass CAPTCHA

Soluciona aquellos textos de autorización complicados llenos de imágenes en páginas Web (CAPTCHAs) en vez de usted.

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Just Save Compatible con Firefox 57+

A simple WebExtension for skipping the "Save As" dialog when saving images, pages and links.

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IP2Location IP Geolocation Plugin Necesita reiniciarse

Geolocation lookup for a website based on IP address, uses database provided by ip2location.com.

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BuiltWith Tab

An alternate BuiltWith add-on which shows info in a background browser tab.

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Video Speed Changer

This extension adds a ribbon on top of videos (works with youtube also) that allows users to change the playback speeds from 1x to 2.5x easily. This works for html 5 videos only, flash is not supported.

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BrandMyMail - Email Signatures for GMail and more Necesita reiniciarse

Brand your emails with your company look, dynamic signatures and email templates from your GMail. Embed signature, blog posts, Facebook and Twitter updates, pictures, videos and more in your emails!

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Copy cookie to clipboard Compatible con Firefox 57+

copy cookie to clipboard,made for penetration.

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TweetTheme / Twitter Interactive Theme

With this theme, capture the feel of Twitter, plus enjoy latest tweets in the news ticker, your full Twitter stream in sidebar and quick sharing of any web page you visit

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Selenium IDE: PHP Formatters Necesita reiniciarse

PHP code formatters for Selenium IDE.
Created by Adam Goucher.

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Youtube redirect page remover Necesita reiniciarse

Nesnášíte upozornění Youtube na přesměrování? Tento doplněk přeskočí varování o přesměrování a odešle Vás přímo na cílovou stránku.

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SynoNext Necesita reiniciarse

Schickt Downloads direkt an die Synolgy Downloadstation. Kompatibel mit DSM 6. Basiert auf SynoExt von Patrik Obrist

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OnlyWire Browser Extension Necesita reiniciarse

OnlyWire is a fast, secure automation tool to submit content to the top Social Media Networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Use OnlyWire to save time, automate your website's content and engage your followers.

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Mars Translation

Free machine translation for Firefox. Enjoy translating into more than 30 languages for free.

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Panel & Notifier for Gmail™ Compatible con Firefox 57+

easy access to Gmail via toolbar-panel UI, plus, get badge notifications

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Pricy Compatible con Firefox 57+

Pricy is your best friend when buying online. It tracks over 1.5 million products and gets you the best deals.

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Last Video 123movies Compatible con Firefox 57+

This plugin helps you to remember your last video watched in 123movies website. I am not related with this site or something else.

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Access on line for SeaMonkey Compatible con Firefox 57+

Esta extensión es SeaMonkey en línea

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YouTube to MP3 Necesita reiniciarse

Convert2MP3 allows you to convert any YouTube Video to a MP3 very quick an fast. This Addon will show you a Convert & Download Button under the Video which you should press to convert & download the Video you are watching at this moment.

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