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PrivacyFox Sin reiniciar

PrivacyFox tweaks various preferences in Firefox in order to enhance the privacy of users; it will also try to enforce these changes to maintain your privacy online. A list of the affected preferences changed can be found on the home/support page.

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This add-on enables control your PrivacyProtectorGVN software directly from your browser. Note: PrivacyProtectorGVN software is required for full add-on functionality, free download from https://privacyprotector.eu
Demo: http://youtu.be/jMjN5rjMomo

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PrivacySnapper Sin reiniciar

A plugin that saves all the privacy policies and TOS's of the websites you visit

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Privad client

The client component of a non-tracking advertising system called Privad developed by the Max Planck Institute for Software Systems. Privad locally profiles user activity and presents users with ads targeted to their shopping interests.

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Private Browsing Auto-Exit

Private Browsing Auto-Exit will deactivate private browsing ten minutes after the most recent tab switch or page load.

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Private Browsing Command Line Flag

Adds a "private" switch to enable private browsing from the command line. *Note* This feature was added to the firefox core with version 3.6 and is no longer necessary.

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Private Browsing Personas Sin reiniciar

Allows Personas to work in private browsing windows

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Private Browsing Proxy Sin reiniciar

Automatically switches to the specified proxy type or configuration profile when entering Private Browsing. Reverts to previous setting when all PB windows are closed.

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Private Tab Sin reiniciar Destacados

Adds private tabs.

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Retrieves private browsing history.

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PrivateProxy Sin reiniciar

Dieses Tool ist zur Umgehung der Zensurmaßnahmen in Marienau gedacht. Der Benutzername für den Proxy ist "free". Das Passwort ist ebenfalls "free".

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PrivatizeMe Sin reiniciar

PrivatizeMe keeps your browsing and search history from being tracked by untrusted corporate cyber stalkers, placing you in control of your online data.

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Privatkopiera Sin reiniciar

Ladda ned från SVT Play och andra tjänster. Kräver FFmpeg.

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Privdeskshare Sin reiniciar

Bubble Desktop Sharing: enables screen sharing for secure Bubble videoconferences.

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Privet, Last.fm!

Scrobbles tracks from privet.ru to last.fm

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Privly Sin reiniciar

Privly enables you to read private content through any website. This project is under active development. ***Do NOT use Privly to host your private data until we reach beta***

A more up-to-date version is found in Privly's repositories.

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Helper application for easy usage of ConAktiv's web-frontend. Allows easy im/export of CSV data.

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Process Library

Find the latest information about spywares, adwares, trojans, viruses, system processes and common...

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Process Toggle Sin reiniciar

Toolbar panel from which you may restart the application with or without multiple processes, and from which you may change the maximum number of content processes. Works in Firefox 46 and newer!

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