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NoClickBate Compatible con Firefox 57+

Saves you from ever clicking on click bate on youtube by never letting you see it. Side effects: abundance of time... You're welcome

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Say 'Goodbye!' to comments on YouTube! :)

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Disable a Firefox feature of remembering site-by-site download destinations.

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Node Messenger

The broadcast serverless quasi-chat for LAN via UDP. The local Node.js is required (http://nodejs.org/).

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Node.js Necesita reiniciarse

Node.js for Firefox

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Nodobe Viewer Necesita reiniciarse

Free your computer from bloatware with the Nodobe Viewer. Just say Nodobe!

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NoDoFollow Necesita reiniciarse

Just a simple extension to highlight links in a page according to nofollow / dofollow status.

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nodragdetach Necesita reiniciarse

Disable reopen tab in new window on drag it down.

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nofacespam Compatible con Firefox 57+

Removes Facebook Sponsored stories

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NoFap Panic Button

This extension provides an in browser version of the NoFap Emergency Relapse Prevention Tool.

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NoFB Compatible con Firefox 57+

Redirects you from facebook to mathisfun.com

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NoFollow Compatible con Firefox 57+

Outlines nofollow links, detect nofollow and noindex meta tags on webpages. Features website filtering and custom CSS outline styles

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NOFS Necesita reiniciarse

Disable support for the native Full Screen mode in OS X Lion+.

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Follow google link results without going through google

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NoHomeTube Compatible con Firefox 57+

Hide all trash in the Youtube's homepage.

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Noia Fox options Necesita reiniciarse

Options manager and fixes for Noia Fox theme 3.x.x

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The 'NoiaButtons' add-on offers cartoonish toolbar button icons (known from Noia themes) for default theme and lightweight themes. Further more lite silver and dark versions of Noia themes are included.

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Noise Necesita reiniciarse

Make sound responses while events happen.

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Noise Control

Shows an icon in the tab of each tab currently playing an HTML5 video or audio. Clicking on the icon mutes the videos/audio.

This feature is now available in Firefox, and Noise Control has been discontinued.

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Noise Control Sidebar

Adds a sidebar to control the noise.

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