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Money Converter

Convert from one currency to another and create and share custom set of currency conversions

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Mongolian ASCII to Unicode Converter Necesita reiniciarse

ASCII to unicode Mongolian cyrillic text converter.

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MONster documentation for HACKers.

* Press <ctrl-m> to access Monhack add-on
* Enter your keyword to search (ex: git/pull, vim/tab).
* You will see the detail information of git pull or tab in vim

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MonhyipToolbarRU Necesita reiniciarse

Toolbar - Monhyip.net - Мониторинг HYIP и autosurf проектов

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Monifox Necesita reiniciarse

Monifox is an add-on to Monitis, the web and cloud performance monitoring and management tool. It will help you keep track of the most recent statistics regarding your server(s), website(s) and network.

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Monitor Web Pages Compatible con Firefox 57+

Monitor your web pages integrity and availability by tracking content-length and modified-date

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Monitorito Compatible con Firefox 57+

This extension creates a real-time visualisation of your browsing activityMonitorito is an extension capturing and visualising all the requests being made by the browser. Users can see a graph of all the domains they have accessed via requests, along

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Monkees KeepAw

A add-on to share current page on Keepaw platform

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MonkeyContact Necesita reiniciarse

MonkeyContact is the ability for you to find everyone you know, everywhere without the hassles of synchronization or management.

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monkeyfly Necesita reiniciarse

Twitter enhancements include: grid panel, easy photo upload, @ suggest, inline reply, lightbox style profile, vi-based shortcut, link tracking

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Monkeysphere Necesita reiniciarse

Want an alternative to the centralized certificate authority scheme? This add-on gives you the capability to validate HTTPS-enabled websites via the OpenPGP Web of Trust instead of depending on X.509 certificate authorities!

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Monmouth Telecom Click-To-Dial

The Click-To-Dial Firefox Add-On is only applicable to Monmouth Telecom Hosted PBX Customers. This Add-On turns all telephone numbers on every web page into links.

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Monochro Necesita reiniciarse

Removes color and background images, and/or the font settings, from the document.

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Monster Blog Sack Necesita reiniciarse

The Monster Blog Sack toolbar allows users to surf blogs (according to your categories of interest,) sack (a MBS rating system,) tag, search, share, and add blogs to favorites...

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Monster Jobs Necesita reiniciarse

Search and view Monster Jobs!

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MonstersGame: Vampires vs Werewolves Menu Necesita reiniciarse

Browse the MonstersGame: Vampires vs Werewolves (UK) website with ease conveniently from the Firefox browser menu. Menu options available for World 1-8 players, as well as the forum, news, and support links in addition to other...

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Montage Extension

Multiple devices, people and places connected in a shared workplace

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Montage Screen Sharing

This extension allows you to share your screen with other interview participants.

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Monthly Prayer Timetable

Islamic Monthly Prayer Timetable with HTML5 Geolocation

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Moo Later

Quickly save a page as a task in your Remember the Milk account. Automatically uses the title and url of the current page.

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