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Link-D-ACB Necesita reiniciarse

Extract the Link (URL), inside of another Link
Extrae el Link (URL), dentro de otro Link.

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Link-It Necesita reiniciarse

Link-It is an easy way to link to text within web pages.

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link-o-mat Compatible con Firefox 57+

Verdiene mit dem link-o-mat Cashback-Tool (Firefox Add-on) beim Online-Shopping in weltweit über 9.500 Shops Cashback und Provisionen! Einmal installiert benachrichtigt Dich das Add-on automatisch wenn Du in einem Shop Cashback bekommen kannst.

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link-zettel.de (1)

Dieses Add-on arbeitet mit der Webseite link-zettel.de zusammen. Es ermöglicht das zentrale abspeichern von Lesezeichen über Browsergrenzen hinweg. Jedes Lesezeichen kann mit mehreren Tag versehen werden.

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Link.ac url shorteter + создание QR кода Necesita reiniciarse

Укорачиватель ссылок от сервиса Link.ac

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You'll get a QRCode corresponding to the element where the context-menu was invoked:
blank area of a page: page URL,
link: link URL,
image: image source URL,
selection: selection text.

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This Addon allows the user to send the current URL via 1 Click to predefined recipients via the standard mail program. You can create and manage multiple recipients and optionally set a subject line and preset the message.

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link4.chat Screen Share

This extension enables screen capturing for link4.chat .

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Linkam Toolbar Button (www.linkam.ir)

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Linkapedia Compatible con Firefox 57+

Find out related topics on the pages you navigate

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Discuss everything over the Internet.
Linkas is a platform that people could use it to anonymously comment on any page with little as possible moderation and no censorship.

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Linkator - because everything is a link! Necesita reiniciarse

You don't need to copy and paste a text to your search box anymore. Linkator automatically makes a search for you. It is simple, you just need to select a text and click enter.

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Save your favorite links on the internet and access it from anywhere.

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The linkbird Toolbar connects your linkbird Instance with your daily browser activities.

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LinkChat Screen Sharing

This extension allows you to share your screen, by the LinkChat.

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LinkChecker Necesita reiniciarse

Check the validity of links on any webpage.

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Linked Image List Necesita reiniciarse

Shows a list of links to the images in the page.

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LinkedIn Messages Signatures Compatible con Firefox 57+

This extension auto appends a signature to the message you're sending to someone on LinkedIn

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