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Solinet AdsSpy

Solinet AdsSpy is an extension, which displays IDs of popular affiliate networks(AdSense etc.) and tracking systems(Google Analytics etc). Using this plugin you can see the number of sites with a particular ID and get the list of these sites.

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One click and it's ready for play! Solitaire in your browser (with no connection required)

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Solpets Quick Button

A quick button link to the virtual pet site, Solpets.com.

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SolusVM VPS Monitor

Status Monitor for SolusVM-backed VPS.

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Solve as Puzzle

Solve any image on the web as a jigsaw puzzle

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Song.ly lets you share music links on Twitter and other services

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Songdrop: Store songs you stream

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Songs.pk Auto Downloader Sin reiniciar

The plugin will automatically download audio songs in 128kbps/320kbps bitrate from Songs.pk
With Songs.pk Auto Downloader (SAD) you don’t have to always open Songs.pk just to check if any new movie songs are available to download or not.

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Sonoma State U Theme with Personas Interactive Sin reiniciar

The official theme for Sonoma State Athletics. Get it today to enjoy:

An awesome Seawolves theme
Breaking news across Sonoma State athletics
Social connections with Facebook & Twitter

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SOPA Detector 0.0.1

Be notified by a notice bar in your browser, if you're visiting the website of a company that supports the Stop Online Piracy Act legislation.

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Sort and Search Customization Dialogs

Sort and search for buttons in (any) toolbar customization dialog

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Sort Tabs Sin reiniciar

Adds a "Sort Tabs" context menu to tabs, which sorts tabs by title (future versions will offer more options).

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Sort Tabs by URL Sin reiniciar

Press accelerator-shift-o to sort all the tabs alphabetically by URL or the menu item in Tools.

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Sort Tabs Command Sin reiniciar

A tab sorting command for the Firefox Command Line.

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SortFix Search Extension

SortFix simply a better search.
The extension is enhancing Google's search and many other search engines.

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SOS Promo Sin reiniciar

Chercher vos codes réductions sur sos-promo.

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Sothink Web Video Downloader for Firefox

A simple, clean and easy-to-use FREE Firefox extension for video download and Flash download. Supports Windows/Mac/Linux operating systems and the latest Mozilla Firefox. Now Supports Mozilla Firefox 4 and English, Spanish, Chinese language.

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Soul-Boards Skin Add-on

A Firefox extension allowing you to change the Soul-Boards.com skin.

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Soundcloud Button Sin reiniciar

Open the Soundcloud site with just one click.

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SoundCloud Continuous Play On-Off Switch Sin reiniciar

This gives the user control over enabling or disabling Continuous Play in SoundCloud with on/off switch.
New version: https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/downloads/file/259776/soundcloud_continuous_play_on_off_switch-0.42-fx.xpi?src=devhub

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