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Quick Protect Shorten Link

1-Click Protect and Shorten your links (be it long urls, affiliate links etc) via iLix.in, remotely, and spread to anywhere on the net with ease.

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Quick Response fox Sin reiniciar

Shows the QR code of the current tab.

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Quick ROT ciphers

Quickly apply the ROT13 or ROT47 substitution ciphers to arbitrarily selected text.

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Quick Search

The Addon provides two convenient ways to use popular search engines: google, bing, yahoo, amazon, ebay, twitter, youtube, etc.
In address bar, type one letter and keywords to search. e.g.
g laptop
a kindle

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Quick Search Bar

Search bar optimized for quicker switching of search engines.

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Quick Stock Research Toolbar

A toolbar with quick links for researching stocks on the web. Just enter the ticker once in the toolbar instead of once for each website.

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Quick switch button Sin reiniciar

Button which allows to mark the tab as "safe" one and to return to this tab from any other tab when you press "Ctrl + Space" keys.

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Quick Switch Search Engine

Switch Search Engine by mouse wheel or mouse middle button

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Quick Tab

Opens a specified URL in a new tab with a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Q). Can also add new quick tab button to the toolbar for quick access. New version will include option to change the shortcut key for users. (for ex. Ctrl+Q is quit on mac).

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Quick Torrent Search Sin reiniciar

Search for torrents directly from the context menu.

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Quick Viewers


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quick-rurema-search Sin reiniciar

A shortcut to rurema-search.

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QuickDate Calculator by Enoron.com Sin reiniciar

Calculate deadlines, adding or subtracting days or months to any date, skipping weekends or any period of time (e.g. holiday season)

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Extends the function of the drag-and-drop mouse gesture so that it can be used to load URLs, do a web search of selected text on a page, or save an image on a page. The successor to Super DragAndGo.

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Quickfire Sin reiniciar

Launch External Applications from the URL Bar.

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Allows quick access to frame functions via the context menu by overriding "Reload", "View Page Source" and "View Page Info". Instead of being applied to the main window, those functions now apply to the current frame only.

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Allow, block or prevent third-party images from loading via button in the Status Toolbar or alternatively add a button to the Navigation Toolbar.

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QuickInbox Generator

Easily generate a QuickInbox.com disposable e-mail address to use on any site. Automatically fills e-mail field of the page you are on with a random @quickinbox.com e-mail address and opens your inbox in a new tab.

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QuickJava Destacados

Allows quick enable and disable of Java, Javascript, Cookies, Image Animations, Flash, Silverlight, Images, Stylesheets and Proxy from the Toolbar. This is great for increasing security or decreasing bandwidth.

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Enable/Disable JavaScript with Toolbar button.

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