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Move Active Tab To Left

Move active tab to the left end, so recent tabs cluster to the left side.
Warning: This will unpin your pinned tabs, don't use it if you want to keep the pinned tabs

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Move Tabs Necesita reiniciarse

Define your own shortcuts to move the tabs into firefox.
You can move the tabs along the tab bar and at both ends.

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Move To Window

You can move a tab to other window very easily.

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Move Toolbar Necesita reiniciarse

Quick access to millions of real estate listings from move.com!

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Movie Critiques

All the information you need to know about any movie.

Get the release date, short synopses, movie links and ratings from Rotten Tomatoes, IMDB and Meta Critic.

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Movie Flix "Own It!" Necesita reiniciarse

Ever add a movie to your Netflix queue and then later find out you already own it? This extension places a "Own It!" button on the Netflix movie details page, and allows you to mark movies in Netflix that you own.

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Movie Info @ Portitle

Add a right-click context menu action for links & selected text to get movies & TV shows reviews, trailers, subtitles, torrents & direct watch it.

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MovieSearch Necesita reiniciarse

This is quite simple add-on which allows you to search for movie title, actor etc. on imdb.com or filmweb.pl (Polish site about movies) by selecting the text and choosing proper option from context menu (right mouse click).

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This is quite simple add-on which allows you to search for movie title, actor etc. on imdb.com.
View youtube video

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MovimentoFm Necesita reiniciarse


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Moxilnet Necesita reiniciarse

Moxilnet (MOzilla+firefoX+movILNET) es una barra para el navegador Mozilla Firefox que te permite enviar mensajes SMS a teléfonos celulares de la operadora movilnet (Venezuela) rápidamente. Moxilnet se comunica con la página de mensajes de movilnet.c...

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Moxtra for Google Calendar

Easily schedule Moxtra Meets from your Google Calendar

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mozaic Necesita reiniciarse

Mozaic view of file and image sequences.

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MozAmPeek Streamer Necesita reiniciarse

Adds options to Firefox Download dialog to stream media files instead of downloading then opening. This allows the user to specify an unlimited number of players and assign as many file types to the players as they...

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MozButton Necesita reiniciarse

MozButton adds a small button to the Add-On bar that has the Mozilla Dinosaur Logo. When you click on the button, it brings you directly to the mozilla.org website in a new tab.

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MozCamp NewTab

Decorate NewTab's Background using Mozilla's MozCamp Event Photos tagged at Flickr.

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MozCC Necesita reiniciarse

Provides an interface for viewing metadata embedded in web pages, including Creative Commons.

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Limpia y optimiza tu Firefox, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Fennec (inestable), Instantbird y BlueGriffon.

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Add more commands for Developer Toolbar (GCLI).

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MozFBRH Necesita reiniciarse

The MozFBRH extension for Mozilla Firefox enhances the navigation toolbar by adding Middle Click/Control+Click/Shift+Click functions to the Back, Forward, Reload, Home, and Throbber Buttons, as well as the Back and Forward history dropdown menus...

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