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SteamCups: CS:GO

MIX, CW и турниры по Counter-Strike: Global Offensive на SteamCups.com

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MDWS Process Server Toolbar Necesita reiniciarse

This is the next generation of service.

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Twitter Bootstrap 3 Helper

Simple extension that inform about actual displaying column (xs, sm, md, lg) of Twitter Bootstrap 3.

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Hitbox Plus

Allows you to easily check if the people you are following are live, without being on hitbox.tv!

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A job listing organizer. Save job listing with one click to Appliedat.com online service.

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Mcounts Rewards

Earn cashback on a click for your online shopping .

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Screensharing Extension for G-Med Online Clinic

This extension enables screensharing for G-Med Online Video Clinic

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Modify Response Headers Necesita reiniciarse

Add, modify and filter HTTP response headers

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Test language keywords Necesita reiniciarse

Replaces random selected keywords either for a German or an English text with list of choices.
This is meant to improve your German or English grammatical knowledge.
The language of the Web page is detected automatically.

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Spin my Imgur

Tired of the imgur's loading gif? Now you can if you want change this one by the one you want!

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Tube Convertor

Convert video into MP3 in one click from youtube page and add tags in one another click.

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mymusicloader.de YouTube2MP3 Converter Necesita reiniciarse

Adds an option to convert YouTube.com Videos online to MP3, MP4 and more

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bitLanders Search Engine

bitLanders Search Engine Extension

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This extension lets you remove unwanted records from your browser history automatically using categories, filters and pre-loaded criteria without having to use the browser's private mode.

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Avetix Safe Browsing

Avetix Safe Browsing Plugin

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An add-on that sorts tabs by URL, domain, title, pinned status.

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YouTube Auto Replay + Auto HD + Download

YouTube Auto Replay + Auto HD + Download. HD supports up to 1080p. Download supports up to 720p mp4. Easy to use.

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Boni.tv - Addon Necesita reiniciarse

Ein Tool welches direkt im Browser meldet, wenn sich die besuchte Seite bei Boni.tv befindet und man einen Cashback erhalten kann. Man ist somit immer auf dem Laufenden und verpasst keinen Cashback mehr.

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Show external css/js files Necesita reiniciarse

Show external css/js files in new tab

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i Love.fr

Financez gratuitement des associations grâce à vos recherches internet faites sur ilove.fr

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