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Copy Link as HTML or Markdown Code Sin reiniciar

This addon allows to copy the entire link code, the URL and the clickable text together.

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Comments Filter for Facebook Sin reiniciar

Simplifies search of comments.

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Wrike Modifications Sin reiniciar

This add-on currently removes the user images from the dashboard views, freeing up real estate for titles, folder tags and descriptions.

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MyAero Plug-in Sin reiniciar

Helps you Pre Alerting Packages purchased online and handled by Aeropost

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PricePal automatically finds you extra discounts at hundreds of online stores.

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Web Content Monitor Sin reiniciar

Monitor web page content changes.

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Discard.email - Deine Wegwerf-E-Mail-Adresse Sin reiniciar

Dieses Add-on ermöglicht einen schnellen Zugriff auf die Postfächer der Wegwerf-E-Mail-Adressen von Discard.email (http://discard.email)

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Otogami PowerUp Sin reiniciar

PowerUp te avisará automaticamente si encuentra una oferta mejor mientras tu navegas y compras en tus tiendas de videojuegos favoritas.

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Pyrus Sin reiniciar

Displays the number of unread tasks in your Inbox folder.

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Do you want to speed your internet / bandwidth speed. The above extension will increase speed of your internet at the cost of image !. That is it'll not load any image

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Resume Video Sin reiniciar

Automatically resumes YouTube videos from where you played them last, even videos, published on other sites.

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fix-drupalcon-pager Sin reiniciar

Add-on to fix the pager in https://latinamerica2015.drupal.org/sessions/proposed page

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Анти-майдан com

Круглосуточный канал с прямыми эфирами из Украины. Обзоры военных действий, аналитика, стримы, видео и текстовые новости — в полном контакте с аудиторией.

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canox.net Sin reiniciar

Dieses Firefox Add-On führt sie direkt zur Website von canox.net

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Page Dark (final) Sin reiniciar

Hides the page content - except videos, games and other media - with a simple black overlay. No fancy extras, just lightweight, perfect darkness!

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SoundTake - SoundCloud Downloader Sin reiniciar

Append 'Download' button on every SoundCloud track and playlist. Once clicked, the button will bring you to the SoundTake website, and SoundTake will find the download link for you.

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Correios Helper Sin reiniciar

Simples extensão para facilitar o rastreamento de pacotes nos Correios.

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GitHub for Gmail Sin reiniciar

Add links to GitHub threads and shortcuts to your Gmail interface.

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Drag-Select Link Text Sin reiniciar

Select link text with easy drag gestures.

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VLP Aka Video Like Pass Sin reiniciar

VLP Aka Video Like Pass.
Did u ever open a page to see a video that requires a share on Facebook or a like?
This Addon allows you with one click to watch blocked videos on a new tab without the need to share/like.

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