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Ello.co for Firefox! (Unofficial)

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Twitch Tracker

Tracks your favorite Twitch streams and lets you know who's online and what games they're playing.

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XML Monospace Necesita reiniciarse

Displays xml responses with View > Page Style > Monospace.

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Shizerbar Necesita reiniciarse

Facebook Emoticons for Chat and Comments. Not all Emoticons work in comments.See homepage for more information about this Addon.

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Network Bandwidth Saver

A simple add-on for low bandwidth users that loads images only when they are in visible screen area.
Websites usually need a lot of bandwidth due to heavy usage of images. This add-on delays loading of images until they appear in the visible screen.

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Quicksearch Necesita reiniciarse

Quicksearch - удобный способ поиска выделенного текста на веб-странице. (Quicksearch is a convenient way to search selected text on a web page. It opens search block above where you can choose search engine.)

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changes theme of the jeem website!

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IPerity Click-to-Call Necesita reiniciarse

Allows calling anything on a website that looks like a phone number

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Auto Load New Posts for Google+™

Auto Load New Posts

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Connect Find-A-Record to your tree in FamilySearch

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Read Japanese websites more easily with ReadPanel - click any word to see its dictionary definition instantly. Articles you read can also be saved and synced across your devices for studying anywhere.

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share by mail

Sharing selected text by your mail client, such as outlook, foxmail, etc.

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This addons doing fast insert code.

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Roll over a hyperlink and Streamfully brings you novel & personalized content, down to every snippet. Stop wasting time on useless surfing around the web — Look before you Link.

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Screensharing Helper for Talky.io

Helper utility for enabling screensharing on the Talky.io videochat service

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CliqMeet ScreenShare

Helper utility for enabling screensharing on cliqmeet.com

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Reddit Button

The unofficial Reddit Firefox extension.

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The Old Reader Bookmark

Bookmark the current page or selection in The Old Reader.
The premium membership of The Old Reader is required.

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OpenBijbel Bijbel Toolbar

Dit is de addon om de [[|]] OpenBijbel Bijbel Toolbar in Firefox te gebruiken.
Hierdoor kun je nog meer verschillende Engelse vertalingen zien naast de Nederlandse Bijbelteksten op DeBijbel.nl
De code kun je vinden op github.com/Openbijbel-nu

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Singing Stallman

Exorcise your soul of closed-source demons and cleanse yourself of proprietary urges through the power of the Free Software Song.

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