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Xeko Extension Sin reiniciar

a basic add-on

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Cryptiv Sin reiniciar

Enables you to send digital currencies on all your favourite social media networks from one simple wallet.

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Toontown Rewritten Invasion Notifier Sin reiniciar

Notifies you when an invasion occurs on Toontown Rewritten.

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Bottom UI Sin reiniciar

Bottom centric user interface.

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Plugin szort.us Sin reiniciar

Dzięki tej wtyczce szybko skrócisz swój link i udostępnisz go dalej! Najkrótsze linki, możliwość zmiany tytułu i inne dzięki szort.us.

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dotHIV - the digital Red Ribbon Sin reiniciar

Discover the global network of dotHIV - the Red Ribbon of the digital age.

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17 usuarios

WigBear Sin reiniciar

SSL を利用したページへのアクセス時に、プライベートブラウジングモードの利用を促すアドオンです。
共有PC への導入目的で作成しました。

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Twitch Disable Unfollow Sin reiniciar

Disable the unfollow button for channels you already follow on twitch , more info can be found on my twitter https://www.twitter.com/sCop3SCouT

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Physics Games Sin reiniciar

Enjoy the games which are created using Physics properties like Gravity, Levitation, Electrode energy, Projectiles etc.

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194 usuarios

Tweet That! Sin reiniciar

Tweet the current tab.

Source code at https://github.com/hfiguiere/tweet-that

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ВК Tools Sin reiniciar

Инструменты для ВК

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YouTube Advance Search And Downloader for Firefox Sin reiniciar

All Categories Search the Video
Video Search Engine
Play Live Video,Movie Promo,Tv Serial
Download Video Play Offline Video And Much More
with AvpTube.

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Alternative Viewpoint Sin reiniciar

You are reading an article, but there are other points of view about the same event. Click the addon button to find out.

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GeoNames Context Menu Sin reiniciar

This Add-on provides two context-menu items that will allow you to search highlighted text for locations or postal codes from geonames.org.

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2 usuarios

Castle Age Monster Code Opener Sin reiniciar

This extension converts monster codes of CA to monster URLs of web3 or facebook pages, and opens them for you.

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30 usuarios


Generates secure password you don't need to remember.

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YZU_portal_time_machine Sin reiniciar


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Whois it Sin reiniciar

Lightweight no restart whois lookup addon. Get all Whois information on visited URL with single click.

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GyazoFix Sin reiniciar

Removes the box that follows your cursor on gyazo.com

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Norwell History Tools

Norwell reveals the history that is otherwise hidden from you in native firefox history viewer. Displays all browsing history chronological/sequentially as timeline. Advanced search, wildcards and filters. Chrome and Firefox history import tool.

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