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Wegtam Search Agent Quick Search

The Wegtam Search Agent extension adds a new entry into the context menu of your browser when a text is marked on the website. The new context menu entry contains the possible search modes that will be started in a new tab on www.wegtam.com.

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Weibo in Firefox

embed weibo.cn in Firefox making it easy to use.

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What's My Public IP

Find your public IP or your personal IP information that is visible to the rest of the internet. Also check DNS settings and figure out what the name servers, a record, and other important DNS fields are for your favorite websites (or your own!).

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Whats Public

What's Public is a website to find out what's public about you in your social media profiles (or anyone else for that matter). Search by Twitter, Facebook, Friendfeed, identica, Buzz, Klout, etc ,etc.

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WidGet Facebook Panel

Tenha o Facebook sempre disponível sem atrapalhar a sua navegação e discretamente oculto sendo exibido somente quando você quizer.

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WidGet Gmail Panel

Tenha o Gmail sempre sisponível sem atrapalhar sua navegação e discretamente oculto e exibido só quando você quizer

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Widget Google News

Un petit widget qui va, en cliquant dessus, vous permettre de vous tenir au courant des news de votre langue

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This extension makes comparison pages of wikipedia.org a lot more usable by making it possible to remove and restore rows in each table with a simple mouse click.

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Wikipedia Gucker

Mark a word or a phrase in your webdocument and open a wikipedia on this topic. 19 languages available.

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Wikipedia Widget

Mit diesem Add-on erhalten Sie ein kleines Widget in der Tool-Bar Ihres Browsers. Mit einem Klick auf dieses öffnet sich in einem kleinen Popup die mobile Seite von Wikipedia.

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Wikizon finds books in Wikipedia articles then automatically displays them in the left-hand column with a link to Amazon.

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Wstaw NIP

Wstawia NIP w formacie bez kresek

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wTranslator FF Add-on

Traducteur rapide.........................

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WU Fast IT News 0.2

Fast IT news from Cnet.com and IT.com.mk for all IT users.

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Wyszukiwarka badmintonistow

Wyszukuje badmintonistw w bazie PZBad

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Selección de productos para Facebid http://apps.facebook.com/xtestappss/

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xMinecraft es un Servidor de Minecraft que está disponible las 24hs online y permite la entrada de jugadores Premiums y No premiums.
Esta aplicación mostrará el status del servidor mismo.

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Yayyying your page loads and awwwing your tab closes since 1658

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an extension for Yes24.com book search

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