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El Nuevo Diario – Nicaragua

Noticias de Nicaragua, Centroamérica y el mundo.

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Archive-It Proxy Mode Toggle

This extension allows users of Archive-It, a subscription web archiving service of the Internet Archive: www.archive-it.org, to toggle into Archive-It proxy mode and back again without having to change their FireFox settings.

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Create a short link to any text on the Internet.

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S naším pomocníkem Vám již žádná výhoda neunikne! Připomene se v každém obchodě, ve kterém můžete s eRabat.cz nakupovat levněji!

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Code as a Research Object

Create persistent archives of code repositories, with a DOI for each release.

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Reply Now

Reply right away to emails!

With relative timestamps in Gmail, you can see how long an email has been sitting in your inbox. Reply while the time is still green!

Timestamps turn yellow after 15 minutes and red after an hour.

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Always Show History Settings

Always show full history settings in the Privacy preferences pane.

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A private chat addon

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Rock The Deadline Necesita reiniciarse

Bookmark and curate content to share with other RTD Studio users. RTD Studios is a freemium product from Rock the Deadline that helps people research and share ideas and content for the purposes of blogging or social media.

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Zaqwes OldSchool Google Search

For coservators: Old-School Google Search (urls underline)

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מחולל טבלאות (FXP)

מחולל טבלאות לאתר הפורומים הגדול בישראל FXP

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JustNetwork Unterstützung Necesita reiniciarse

Diverse Maßnahmen zur Unterstützung des JustNetworks, u.a. wird allen Amazon-Links der JustNetwork Affiliate Code hinzugefügt...

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No More Blogger Redirect

This is a very simple addon that disables the automatic loading of the regional version of blogs hosted in Blogger depending on the country's origin of the user. Sites like http://diegocg.blogspot.com.es will become http://diegocg.blogspot.com

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Fire Resizer Necesita reiniciarse

Windows resizer extension

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ShopMasti Necesita reiniciarse

Automatically get the best deals for items you are shopping.

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Mmm-tasty Extension

Устраняет некоторые недочеты и недоработки обновления тейсти.

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Save your favorite links on the internet and access it from anywhere.

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Paizo Campaign Tools Compatible con Firefox 57+

A collection of tools for enhancing the Paizo PbP experience.

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Reflector - provides some information about your browsing habits.

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A basic add-on to repeat music on youtube by redirecting you to http://www.listenonrepeat.com. Click on your favorite songs on youtube and then just press the "LR" button in the bottom right corner. Have fun!

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