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Загрузка изображений с любого сайта на Favera

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Just another google image search addon Sin reiniciar

A simple addon to do google image search on right click upon an image.

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Download MP4 videos from Youtube Sin reiniciar

When playing a video on youtube a download button is added below the video.
In search results of Youtube, Google and on Facebook small download buttons are added next to Youtube videos to download them in the best available quality.

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free-control Sin reiniciar

Hace que Ctrl+AvPag y Ctrl+RePag hagan su trabajo: navegar entre las pestañas abiertas, y no hacer lo-que-sea que se le haya ocurrido al desarrollador de la página que estés visitando.

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Bing Search for Firefox (old) Sin reiniciar

Please see https://addons.mozilla.org/addon/bing-search-for-firefox/ instead.

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Crisply - Firefox Extension Sin reiniciar

This extension will record time spent on websites that you choose, and send the data to your Crisply account.

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Unpacked extension loader

This addon should be useful for addon developers who prefer to work with unpacked exentsions for test purpose.

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Barcode Generator Sin reiniciar

Create any Barcode from any data, with just a single click. Save it for later use.

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1mg.ro - Image Uploader Plugin

Rehost your favorites images with 1mg.ro

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Neon Highlighter

Select some text, and all instances of the text will automagically be highlighted!

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КупонБар Sin reiniciar

КупонБар подскажет вам о наличии акций, купонов и скидок при выборе и покупке товаров в сотнях различных интернет-магазинов.

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Float View for Youtube. Sin reiniciar

Cool and fun feature for Youtube to see video and comments within a same screen.

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Recognote-Recognize/Reward Sin reiniciar


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Demiart Discussion Count (DDC) Sin reiniciar

Данное расширени предназначено только для пользователей форума Demiart. http://demiart.ru/forum/
Выдаёт ссылку и количество непрочитанных комментариев в дискуссиях Demiart Forum-a

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Web browser for children Sin reiniciar

Protect your children from the hazards of Internet!
You can use pre-loaded and custom blacklists and whitelists, track the activity of your children, limite time spent by your children on websites, etc.

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QRL Sin reiniciar

This add-on can convert your currently displayed URL or selected text into a QR code displayed in a popup window from an icon in the toolbar. QRL can also generate a QR code for images via the context menu.

This addon uses the web service goQR.me.

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أصل Sin reiniciar

تعرف على أصل الصورة على الويب, بضغطة زر

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Tabs Counter Sin reiniciar

Tabs Counter for tabs in all windows.

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Open AdWords

Open Google AdWords in new tab.

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Rel-Payment Button Sin reiniciar

Easily discover if you can donate to or pay for something through a button in your address bar. Supports all sites with rel-payment links.

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