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Cas2play Sin reiniciar

Cas2play производит автоматический поиск доступного зеркала заблокированного ресурса. В результате, вы в кратчайший срок получаете доступ к полностью функциональному сайту.

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Automatic window resizer

This Extension can automatically (or when manually called) fit the size of the firefox-window to the size needed to best display the current website or an object (flash, video, ...) on the page.

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TSF Jazz Sin reiniciar

TSF Jazz est une station de radio consacrée au jazz.

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Chaype с авторегистрацией для пользователей pikabu.ru

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Couleur 3 Sin reiniciar

Couleur 3 est la troisième station de radio publique de Suisse romande.

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Active Tab Switcher

Toolbar buttons to move back and forward in the tab list like the Ctrl pgup / pgdn shortcuts. Also close next / previous tab with Right-click, and Middle-click makes them custom new tab buttons

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SuprClustr Extension Sin reiniciar

An extension to manage bookmarks for use with SuprClustr

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Данный плагин позволяет определять номера на странице и посредством Click to Call переносить их в sip софтофон X-lite.

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Zoom Buttons

3 separate buttons to control the full page zoom feature in Firefox including zoom in, zoom out and reset zoom. Put them where you want, use all 3, or use one.

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EasyCollab Sin reiniciar

Introducing EasyCollab, a better way to stay aware and work through your day to day work in activeCollab — right in your browser toolbar!

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Replaces vertical scrollbar with scrollable minimap.

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Disable Load Images Sin reiniciar

Habilita/Deshabilita la vieja característica de cargar imágenes automáticamente.

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Две строки / шесть слогов [2 / 6]

Отслеживание изменений на сайте «Две строки / шесть слогов» [http://26.netslova.ru], а также предоставление авторам танкеток удобных инструментов для эффективного взаимодействия с сайтом.

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Extensor Sin reiniciar

Quick access to add-on functionality: activate / deactivate, options, details, home / review / donation pages, uninstall, restart.

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Callbridge Global

Плагин, позволяющий ускорить процесс при работе с клиентами.

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UK TV, and Radio, Guide and Search

A comprehensive, and up to date, Guide and Search for hundreds of UK TV and Radio channels based on data from metabroadcast.com

See here: http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?f=48&t=2782481 for news on the availability of the new data feed.

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Giphy for Firefox Sin reiniciar

Bring the power of a GIF search engine anywhere on the web. Respond to emails, tweets and more with GIFs quickly and easily.

Add GIPHY GIFs to your Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and more. Just search, drag and drop or right click!

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LetItSnow Sin reiniciar

Let It Snow - Snowing effect in browser window.

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Magic Number Predictor

This add-on is a small game to play with numbers. First of all you have to think any number between 1~100 (obviously only natural numbers... :) )This add-on can predict the number that you would think by asking only 8 simple questions.

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Cache Offline Alert Restorer

Restores the alert when a website asks to store data for offline use.

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