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Amazon Link Shortener

Browser extension that shortens protuct links at Amazon using amzn.com.

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Tweet Clicker

Auto update twitter web page.

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Savana Sinhala News Reader Necesita reiniciarse

“SAVANA” is a TTS browser application for Sinhala Unicode text .
This is developed as a university undergraduate project of engineering graduate of the department of electrical and computer engineering ,The Open University of Sri Lanka,

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Asystent Kwit.pl

Porównuj ceny w różnych sklepach podczas odwiedzin e-supermarketów.

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RakeBack Save Money Necesita reiniciarse

Saves your money

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Shops Away Mile Finder Necesita reiniciarse

The Shops Away Mile Finder is a free toolbar to help you earn miles when you shop online with your favorite retailers.

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Lou's List (Firefox)

Adds additional functionality onto Lou's List

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Firefox Personalization Study

Help Mozilla understand personalization on the Web by installing this optional study add-on.

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Anime Terbaru di Animeindo.tv

Untuk melihat Anime yang baru di Upload di Animeindo.tv

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TabRenamizer2 Necesita reiniciarse

The best antidote for paranoia.
Have you noticed that everybody looks the titles of your open tabs? It has a name: Paranoia! And a solution too: TabRenamizer2!

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Send to VuPlusReceiver

Sends YouTube and Other, video and music links to VuPlus Receiver for playback on TV

Contribution/Поддержать add-on.


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I-Shop From ICICI Bank. Save every time you spend! Necesita reiniciarse

‘I-Shop’ automatically pulls out price information for a particular product from several e-commerce sites when you shop online. The add-on also fetches available discount coupons across various e-commerce sites to help you add to your savings.

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3aon Quick Launcher

Add-on untuk pengguna Operator TRI.

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Hacker News - New Tab Links Compatible con Firefox 57+

Lets you open Hacker News' external links in a new tab

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AnsiLove for Firefox Necesita reiniciarse

View text-mode art directly in FireFox.

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FsH Toolbar Necesita reiniciarse

FsH Toolbar allows quick and easy access to member features

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qubbie - a bookmarking tool

we make it easy to save, organize and share your favourite web pages and help you to share your links among browsers, devices and friends

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Bdword Dictionary Necesita reiniciarse

Find translation of any word by clicking twice on any text.

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ABC Alfa-Bravo-Charlie Table

Simple Alfa-Bravo-Charlie Table for add-on bar in Firefox

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