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First Page

Loads a useful Homepage. Loading HomePage with usefull at new tab

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Facebook Tweak

No more scrolling all the way to top on Facebook when new message or notification comes in. This simple addon tweaks Facebooks Blue Bar letting it float on top.

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Torrent leech quick download

Right click on Torrentleech's browse page and download any torrent.

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setenv Sin reiniciar

Automatically set environment variables based on preferences.

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Download youtube video to mp3 formats.

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Have you ever been curious of the humans behind your favourite website? Then this is the add-on for you.

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Max Tab Toggle

Toggles Tabs On Top when maximizing and restoring.

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An Instant Aggregator

A noise reduction system for the world wide web.
(Use: "CTRL" (+) "/" to show add on bar if you're not already doing so)
Created By N Kertanuraga

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Test ID Generator

Dodatek pozwala na generowanie testowych numerów identyfikacyjnych (np. NIP, PESEL) w wybranym polu tekstowym na stronie.

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WebAnnotator is an annotation tool for Web pages.

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Visual Bookmarks by All My Faves Sin reiniciar

The fastest and easiest way to visually bookmark your favorites while surfing the Web.

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Bumia Linker

Link submitter for bumia.com service

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Link cuter (Сокращатель ссылок)

Сокращение ссылок на посещаемые страницы с помощью сервиса коротких ссылок lcut.us (Link cuter).

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Permanent URL

Zweite (mehrzeilige) Adresszeile, welche sich nicht durch Weiterleitungen beeinflussen lässt. Hierdurch ist es einfacher möglich, Penetrationstests anzuwenden, welche z.B. XSS- oder SQL-Injections abdecken.

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bug682944('Restore Previous Session' should work) Sin reiniciar

Workaround bug682944 - 'Restore Previous Session' does not work sometimes

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Glauca Sin reiniciar


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Right Click Upload for sdumps.net

This add-on allows you to right click an image within your browser and choose to upload it directly to sdumps.net

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Solinet AdsSpy

Solinet AdsSpy is an extension, which displays IDs of popular affiliate networks(AdSense etc.) and tracking systems(Google Analytics etc). Using this plugin you can see the number of sites with a particular ID and get the list of these sites.

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Lonua MakeFaster

Makes Firefox faster.

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