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Control Spotify Web Player from any tab in Firefox.
Play/Pause: Ctrl + Alt + P
Next: Ctrl + Alt + .
Previous: Ctrl + Alt + ,

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Talk with users of the same website - oltalk.com

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Sick of your Facebook friends? News getting you down? Boring images? Yeezify is a Firefox add-on that changes every image on a webpage to one of Kanye West.

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Reddit Research
More information is available at http://resresearch.org

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Focus Regainer Lite Necesita reiniciarse

Return focus from embedded object back to browser on browser hotkeys double pressed.

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Amazon Click

Open the Amazon Website with one click!

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Add Item to Magical

Add gift ideas from any website to your Magical account

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One-click IBAN Generator

Generates an IBAN from Dutch bank accounts

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Using the NewzSocial Firefox add-on, social advocates can review, edit and approve the content that will be posted on their social networks.

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Hide tweets including specified words on your timeline.

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Go to random tab

Adds a button on the tool bar, to switch to a random open tab.

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Copy title and url of active tab in clipboard

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Capital Trust Markets Forex Intellibar Necesita reiniciarse

An all in one intelligent Forex toolbar which provides daily market analysis, trading signals, flash market news and the industries most powerful currency strength meter.

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Raul HC - Tem gente?

Um addon que informa se há algum membro na sede do Raul Hacker Space.

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Online Math Games

One can play following Math games using this application.
Arithmetic Game,
Fun Math,
Geometry Quiz,
Killer Sudoku,
Matchstick Math,
Math Man,
More or Less,
Math Search,
Math Lines,
Quick Math etc.

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El Comercio - Noticias del Ecuador y del mundo. Elcomercio.com tiene secciones sobre deportes, fútbol, política, seguridad y judicial, negocios, entretenimiento, cultura, mundo, tecnología. Hay videos, fotos, galerías, blogs, audios.

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aboutab-next Necesita reiniciarse

Recupera la antigua "about:newtab" en Firefox 31 y modifícala a tu gusto.

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Automatically redirects through certain captive portal pages ('you are now leaving... click to continue').

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MONster documentation for HACKers.

* Press <ctrl-m> to access Monhack add-on
* Enter your keyword to search (ex: git/pull, vim/tab).
* You will see the detail information of git pull or tab in vim

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eDeseos te ayuda a hacer realidad tus sueños y los de las personas que comparten tu vida.

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