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Librus Średnia Ważona

Wtyczka ta umożliwia wyświetlanie średniej ocen w dzienniku LIBRUS gdy jest ona zablokowana przez administracje.

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Real NBA.com

This addon was developed for people in Israel, if you try to surf to nba.com you will get redirected to nba.sport5.co.il, this plugin will make sure you get to nba.com

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Synonyms dictionary EN-US Necesita reiniciarse

Adds to browser English(US) synonyms dictionary from package LibreOffice.

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WoW Collector

Mit dieser Erweiterung ist es möglich mithilfe von WoW Collector auf World of Warcraft Privat Server zu verbinden.

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Malayalam News

Malayalam Breaking News,Malayalam latest News,Malayalam sports news,Malayalam Newses From Your Favorite News Papers.

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Kill News Feed for Firefox

Removes your Facebook News Feed, plain and simple. Also removes "trending" section and sidebar ads.

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Pop-up Preview

Hỗ trợ xem trước nội dung 1 link kết quả tìm kiếm Google

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Słownik synonimów PL Necesita reiniciarse

Dodaje do przeglądarki polski słownik synonimów z pakietu LibreOffice.

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Сокращатель ссылок CatCut

Catcut URL shortener. Обрезать URL и создать короткую ссылку теперь очень просто с расширением СatCut.

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Automatic login to all your favorite web apps. Learn more at http://meldium.com

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iVocalize Screencasting

Screencasting helper for iVocalize

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Version 0.2 of Tab Limit. Closes out of old tabs once a set limit is reached.

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Chinaso extension for Firefox. Allow user to easy access Chinaso search engine and set home page at will.

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Sveriges Bästa Erbjudande Necesita reiniciarse

Sveriges Bästa Erbjudanden from svenska leverantörer av datorer, kläder, parfym, leksaker, webbhotell, telefoner och mycket annat.

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Video Preview

Video Preview will bring to you amazing experience when watching video. If you want to read comments with watching video, don’t worry about it. Video Preview will helps you.

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Numéros des SAV pour les opérateurs mobile

Cette extension est destinée aux professionnels afin d'obtenir en un seul clic les numéros des services client des principaux opérateurs de téléphonie mobile en France.

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Calculadora matemáticas Amplia

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Keyfixer Necesita reiniciarse

(Note: Version 0.5.34 has been updated to work with Firefox 34)

Keyfixer patches the key bindings for Mac OS X users of Firefox and Thunderbird to match the key bindings of Windows

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open facebook.com in one mouse click.

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