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Warrior Forum Formatter

This extension will work ONLY with WarriorForum.com website...
Its an integration of forum specific tags and text formatting into the
right click context menu AND into the Toolbar.

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Auto Close Download Dialog

Closes the download dialog when the last item is removed from the list. This works on the cleaning up button and even when the downloads are removed individually.

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Gb2Big is a handy translator between simplified and traditional Chinese.
Use CN Flag for Simplified Chinese
Use HK Flag for Traditional Chinese
Use UN Flag for Online Proxy Service

To activate this add-on:
1. Right click on the toolbar
2. Select "Cu...

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Shows the ranking of popular Extensions.

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DeskCam - Easy Webcam Viewer
DeskCam allows you to easily look at your favourite webcams in just one click! Easy to customize, needs few clicks to setup.

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Proste rozszerzenie które raz dziennie otwiera stronę akcji Pajacyk oraz wybrane inne strony.

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eSportHeadlines.com Toolbar

The eSportHeadlines.com...

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This is a simple plugin to use with a BookmarkTracker account which provides online bookmark storage...

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Edit any picture on the web with one right-click.

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oDesk Job Watcher

A status bar add-on that updates every 5 minutes with the latest posted oDesk job opening. You can choose from hourly rate or fixed bid jobs.

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Antivir's Latest IVDF (Virus Definitions File) Version Number

This extension will display Antivir's latest virus definition's version number(as per the website) on the status bar.

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Yaplet Sidebar

Chat on websites, topics and just about anything using yaplet. Now you don't have to fumble around with tabbed chats that get in your way of browsing...

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Homepage Randomizer

Selecciona una página de inicio aleatroiamente de una lista definida.

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geo: URI scheme handler

Provides support for the proposed "geo:" URI scheme for Firefox. Forwards "geo:" requests to a mapping...

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Flashback Menu

Navigera Flashbacks...

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Hockey TSNP Calculator

Hockey TSNP Calculator for ESPN.com

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SEO services: Track sites placement at Google and Yahoo for any keyword. Watch Google PageRank (PR), Backlinks, Saturation over time. Graph and table presentation of the data.

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Online Music Player

OMusic, the Online-Music-Player.
It is a music player in status-bar. It provides firefox with ability to play online mp3 music(local file as well), to search and display the lyrics automatically, as well as to manage the music lists.

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WoTMUD Quick char switch

Allows quick and easy switching of characters on the WoTMUD forums

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Отправка бесплатных СМС сообщений

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