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AnsiLove for Firefox Necesita reiniciarse

View text-mode art directly in FireFox.

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FsH Toolbar Necesita reiniciarse

FsH Toolbar allows quick and easy access to member features

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qubbie - a bookmarking tool

we make it easy to save, organize and share your favourite web pages and help you to share your links among browsers, devices and friends

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Bdword Dictionary Necesita reiniciarse

Find translation of any word by clicking twice on any text.

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ABC Alfa-Bravo-Charlie Table

Simple Alfa-Bravo-Charlie Table for add-on bar in Firefox

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xkcd #1288: Substitutions ('Cloud To Butt' Fork) Necesita reiniciarse

Replaces the text on websites according to the xkcd comic #1288 ('Substitutions'). Derived from the work of Steven Frank's cloud-to-butt Chrome extension and Chris Wright's Firefox version.

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Stoiberfy me

Zeigt Webseiten so ähm-äh an, wie sie ääääääähm Edmund Stoiber aussprechen würde.

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Google Black Bar Menu Classic

This simple script replaces Google grid navigation with old navigation bar.

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Convergence Extra Necesita reiniciarse

A secure, agile and distributed replacement for the Certificate Authority system.

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Script phát hiện các website chèn code Like tự động

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Linktagram Addon Necesita reiniciarse

Никога повече не губете линк! С това приложение, можете бързо и лесно да добавяте линкове към профилът ви в Linktagram, само с 1 клик!

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Analytics & Reporting Tool - Start Now For Free

PPC & Analytics Automation Software - For Excellent PPC Reporting

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Epay Necesita reiniciarse

A Customized Toolbar Link Button called Epay button which will open directly to the login page of Epay.bg

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SusBlocker (IF3250-ITB)

A no-frills ad blocker.

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BlockDulu (IF3250-ITB)

Advertisement Block by SusDulu III Corporatoin

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COMENT.ME - easy way to comment a websites

Comment, sign or draw anything right over the page. Share the result with your friends and colleagues.

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AdsWorries (IF3150-ITB)

A basic add-on to block to hide ads. Submission of IF3150 course task. Experimental add-on.

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A couple of minor changes to the new Firefox default theme (aka Australis).

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mydala.com coupons

Never miss any discounts on your favorite shopping sites. Install and activate our mydala plugin which lets you see coupons for the shopping sites you visit.

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