• Unofficial Tango

    A clean theme using Tango icons from www.tango-project.o...
    31 usuarios
    2 descargas semanales
  • IDS-DDI Green

    Firefox theme for www.ids-ddi.com
    16 usuarios
    1 descarga semanal
  • BF2fox

    Love Battlefield 2? You'll love BF2fox...
    38 usuarios
    1 descarga semanal
  • Miint

    A flat, small, green & gray Firefox theme.

    More details at http://www.twistermc.com/blog/miint/
    428 usuarios
    1 descarga semanal
  • Aged Wood for FF2

    with a touch of sepia...
    50 usuarios
    1 descarga semanal
  • OpenWorld2

    An OpenWorld icon...
    4 usuarios
    1 descarga semanal
  • phox

    A theme based on the great work done by e|vo's Brushed Theme and Denis Larousse's Aquafox...
    45 usuarios
    1 descarga semanal
  • road-sign

    road-sign theme using road-sign like...
    134 usuarios
    1 descarga semanal
  • ToonSkin

    A violet and grey cartoon theme for your favorite browser.
    51 usuarios
    0 descargas semanales
  • Fireburn2

    Fireburn based on the default Firefox theme.
    13 usuarios
    0 descargas semanales
  • Aquamarine

    Firefox 2 default theme alternative.
    127 usuarios
    0 descargas semanales
  • X-Mas (Light)

    This Theme makes your Browser suitable for the Christmas Time including Snowflakes, animated Toolbar Icons (Present, Fir Tree, Smoking Chimney), Fairy Lights as Scrollbars and many more...
    68 usuarios
    0 descargas semanales
  • Blue2

    This is a port of Nate Zastrow's Blue to...
    15 usuarios
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  • korillafox

    This is a Korilla theme for Firefox. I use the KDE Korilla theme on my laptop, and wanted a Fx theme to match it. I just started using Fx 2, so that is what I'm developing this theme for. -- Contributors: Jakub "Jimmac" Steiner...
    33 usuarios
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