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Dictionary Switcher por Dao Gottwald, MrWarper

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Permite cambiar automática o manualmente de diccionario y muestra el seleccionado actualmente.

Dictionary Tooltip por Suchi Software Solutions

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Press ctrl+shift+K (or) double-click to see its meaning. This extension is ideal for those who doesn't like to switch their window to see the meaning of a word. ...

Quick Dictionary Lookup from BeeDictionary.com por Bee English Dictionary

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Provides quick look up of difficult words with audio, phonetics and usages. Just press (Shift + Mouse Right Click) on any word and all the information pops up in the same window.
Nota del recopilador Thanks for a great add-on. I really need something like this. However, no offense to the site, sometime I would like more info on the word like etymology, synonyms, acronyms, and even more meanings to the word. I have seen other sites that provide more info, of course not by the shift-right-click of a button though. Thanks for the add-on. It has now become part of my collection until something else comes along even better.

SpellBound por jundle

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Adds additional spell-checking functionality to Firefox.

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