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Lightning por Mozilla Calendar Project

Gestiona tu agenda diaria desde dentro de Thunderbird. Permite gestionar calendarios locales o suscribirse a calendarios de red.
Lightning 1.0 beta2 es la última versión estable y contiene 110 correcciones y mejoras respecto de la versión 1.0b1.
Nota del recopilador Lightning is a calendar add-on which integrates well with the email client Thunderbird. Lightning can deal with more than one calender simultaneously allowing for a more efficient way to collaborate.

ThunderBirthDay por

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Mostrar cumpleaños de la libreta de direcciones de Thunderbird como eventos en Lightning.
Nota del recopilador ThunderBirthDay is an add-on that creates one or more birthday calendar and use the "Birthday" field of address books to populate the calendar. It is handy in the sense that you can select the address book that is used for populating the birthday calendar. In this sense you can create different kinds of birthday calendars, when using different address books as source for different birthday calendars. For example: A birthday calendar for friends and a birthday calender for clients.

Lightning Month Tabs por jlx84

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This addon adds month tabs into Lightning calendar month view
Nota del recopilador The Lightning Months Tab add-on extent standard calendar functions to include an easy selection option for different months to display when the calender is in the months view.

Year view por fabrix

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Year view for calendar.
Nota del recopilador Standard Lightning Calendar features do not allow for a year planner display. It is often necessary, especially in the beginning of the year, to schedule important activities for the coming year. The Year view add-on, add this feature to the Lightning Thunderbird Calendar. However, exercise caution in using the year view feature, because when you have a number of calendars, it is easy to schedule yearly events for the wrong calendar.

Free/Busy por John Leveille

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Publish free/busy calendar file (*.ifb) via ftp or to a file. View other people's free/busy info in meeting organizer window. Integrate Thunderbird and Outlook calendars without Exchange server.
Nota del recopilador When sharing calender information with others, the Free/Busy add-on provide you with the option to display events on your calender only as free/busy slots, instead of the appointment details. This feature only comes into effect when you share calendar information with others. Primary (source) calendars still display appointment or event details.

Chromatasks por Philipp Kewisch

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Color task rows with calendar color
Nota del recopilador Being able to colour-code task according to the calendar they belong too, is quite handy when you deal with different task scheduled for and spread over a number of different calendars. The Chromotasks add-on allows for a task display in the colour of its assigned calender.

Purge Events Plus por Mark

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Purge events from Sunbird and Lightning files and thereby cleanes the calendar

More Snooze por Cyrille Nocus

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This add allow to customize the snooze delay when snooze popup appears (lightning required).
Nota del recopilador When scheduling event and tasks, the standard Thunderbird features allows only for limited "snooze for" options. It quite often happens, as a result of work flows or changes in daily activities, that one would like to have more control over when and how to reschedule. Especially scheduled tasks. The More Snooze add-on, allows you to extent snooze or reschedule tasks (or events when required) option to gain more control when rescheduling tasks, i.e. when should Thunderbird remind you about this scheduled task again.

Timeline por Teester

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A Timeline calendar view
Nota del recopilador The Timeline add-on isn't an essential addition to Thunderbird. It doesn't add additional functionality to Thunderbird, HOWEVER it provides you with a timeline display, at bottom of the screen, of appointments and events scheduled in lightning. When managing emails, tasks and telephone calls, this timeline display gives you a birds eye view of "how far" to the next scheduled appointment or event. I regard the timeline extension as something that you "don't really use"... till it is no longer available.

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