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Zoom Page 6.0 new auto zoom feature should be set as a option to enable, not set as default. It has bugs in FF 20.0.1 causing ever changing webpage zoom levels which are causing webpages to look too large and too wide and biggest issue is images are blurred. Hate it! Remove this feature which is set now as default and make it optional for the user.

Esta valoración es de una versión anterior del complemento (6.0.1-signed). 

Fixed in Version 6.1

This is fixed in Zoom Page 6.1. On first installation, the 'Automatic Mode' is set to 'Default Zoom'. When updating to a newer version, the user's current setting of 'Automatic Mode' is retained.

With regards to the new 'Site Specific Zoom + Fit-To-Width Zoom' mode:

• Web pages are reduced/enlarged so that their contents occupy the full width of the browser window. The zoom level is calculated and applied each time a web page is loaded.

• The calculated zoom level is restricted to a range defined by the Min, Max [Half] and Max [Full] settings. If you want to restrict zoom levels to a smaller range, try setting 67%, 100% and 120% respectively.

• Some web pages (e.g. Gmail) may be over-enlarged, because the web pages themselves re-layout their contents to try to accommodate higher zoom levels. In this case, you can just set the zoom to the desired level using the +/- buttons and it will be remembered next time you visit that site.

With regards to images being blurred, you are probably viewing a single image that has been excessively enlarged by 'Fit-To-Width Zoom'. This is a bug which has been fixed in Zoom Page 6.1, so that 'Fit-To-Width Zoom' is no longer applied when viewing a single image.