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  • There is no free user option, false advertisement
  • Doesn't work on Firefox Nighty (71.0a1).
  • It doesn't work
  • 不适合中国
  • I am very satisfied with your services.
    Veľmi som spokojný s vašími službami.
  • drgwf
  • Nie dośc, ze wersja 7-dniowa, to jeszcze trzeba sie do tego gówna logowac. Bez sensu.
  • it's a junk software... trying "free" trial and i realized that they are tagging transparent proxy as true anonymous!!! Trying to surf on Facebook with they VPN, but facebook found exactly where is my location!
  • it's just garbage.
    even with premium download speed is no more than 5 - 10 MBit/s.