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  • Отлично работает впн, даже иногда забываю отключить и ютуб смотрю) Единственное либо не могу разобраться, либо нету возможности автоматического режима, чтоб оно только на определенных сайтах отбращалось через прокси
  • Starting with Firefox 70 or so Smart Locations stopped working. Now it's either on or off (even though visual cues show old behavior - actual traffic won't be routed). This function is the only one why I chose ZenMate specifically. Please fix it.
  • I would rate the support I received as excellent! I received an answer to my question within a couple hours. I don't believe I have ever reported a problem with any company on the web and received the help I needed as fast. As far as I'm concerned ZenMate support is not only A+ their VPN rates right up there also. It does not slow my service down nearly as much as other VPN,s I have tried. It also does not lose connection as others have. No I do not work for them, I am however a happy customer.
    Thanks again to ZenMate and their support team, especially Jeric Elopre.

  • UK is really freaking slow. Supposedly on a 7 day trial, but after day 1 reverts back to the crappy "free" service.
  • firefox update 71.0 ,,,,,,,, zenmate KO
  • Cant open any vpn after firefox update 71.0
  • I can not retrieve my password or change it, regardless of how many times I tried.
  • Doesn't work on Firefox Developer edition 71.0b6 (x64)
  • It doesn't work in Developer's Edition. Just spits a bunch of errors to Windows Application Log; but works fine in x64 GA version